Blogging for Charities – how blogging can help to raise your organisation’s profile

It can be difficult for charities to feel heard amidst all the online noise and chatter. Most charities realise they need to be on social media to reach a wide audience. That’s, no doubt, a good strategy. But you need a solid approach to get potential donors and volunteers to click through to your website. That’s where they will find all the information they need. Simply saying “click to donate” or “click to volunteer” is not enough. Chances are they don’t know enough about your charity yet, they’re not ready for that step. Here’s how blogging for charities can help.

Awareness through story telling

Blogging gives you a better opportunity to tell stories than social media. You can go into more detail, add as much video or as many images as you like and really give people an insight into how you help the beneficiaries of your charity.

Something to click through to

Writing interesting stories right there on your website makes your social media followers a lot more likely to click through to your website. You’re not asking them to commit, just to read on from a short post. Simply give them a teaser, a snippet on your Facebook page or on Twitter. But send them to your website to read the rest of the story with a link. Once they’re on your website, they might want to find out more about what your charity is all about or maybe read some more stories. When they’re ready to commit, then they’re already in the right place to either donate or become a volunteer.

Blogging for charities is low cost

All it takes is your time. You can even curate your stories by getting members of your charity to contribute stories to your blog. You can feature star volunteers, maybe run a volunteer of the month scheme. None of this has to cost any money. If your charity has helped someone, they’ll be happy to share their story and create content for you.

Driving donations through blogging

Charities live on donations so it’s important to keep donations coming. By providing stories about how donations have helped and give a detailed insight into projects you have been able to complete thanks to donations you can encourage more people to part with their money for your cause. It doesn’t have to be hard sell. At the end of the story simply add a request such as “to enable us to provide even more help to …. [insert cause here], please visit our donations page [with link]”.

Talk about events

You can give detailed information about events you’re running. This could be documentary style information such as what happened at the last “open day” or “fun run” with lots of images to encourage people to take part next time. Or maybe you want to boost participation for an upcoming “regional coffee morning”, “cake sale” or “car wash” with downloads for fundraising packs. Again, show people what fun can be had with any of these by documenting past events and a strong call to action for the upcoming event.

Over to you

Is your charity blogging yet? I hope I have been able to give you some good reasons to get you started. If you need help setting up your blog, why not download my complimentary “10 Step Guide to Start your Business Blog”. If you would like further help, please get in touch by emailing and we can arrange an informal call to see if I am the right person to help.

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