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Creating regular relevant content for your website is one of the best ways to optimise your website for search. This is true for websites in any industry. Blogging for engineers is not too dissimilar to blogging for other industries but there are some pitfalls you might want to avoid.

Before I go into this blog post properly, I need to state that I’m very aware that engineering is such a wide field that it’s difficult to generalise. But – you guys (and gals) have a lot of things in common. Whether you’re a mechanical engineer, a chemical engineer, a computer engineer, a civil engineer or an electrical engineer (to name but a few) your job is very technical, full of jargon and unless they’re in a related field, difficult to understand for the outsider. The thing is, though, that most of your clients and customers will be those outsiders. These are the people you need to talk to when it comes to your marketing. So, learning to write as a tech person for the not so technically inclined is going to be a real asset for you.

Pitfalls to avoid when blogging for engineers

Using Jargon

When writing about your topic it can be tempting to use your usual language, jargon and all. Be aware, however, that you are writing for an audience that might not be as technically savvy as yourself, so keep jargon to a minimum. If you must use an expression or an acronym that is not known outside your industry, make sure you explain it every time you use it. You want to make sure your potential clients can relate to you and understand what you’re talking about.

Going into too much technical detail

What applies to jargon will also apply to technology in detail. Just because you get excited about tiny technical nuances does not mean your (non-technical) audience is going to follow you. Keep it simple. Explain things as you would to a 10year old. That way you can ensure that your potential clients who didn’t have your technical education will be able to get excited with you.

Being inconsistent

This one is not only true for blogging for engineers, of course. As I mentioned in the introduction, creating relevant content for your website is of utmost importance. The key is that you do this regularly. Write consistently, whether that’s monthly, every other week or ideally weekly, stick to a schedule. This is the best way to get traction and build up an audience.

Over to you

Now all that is left for you to do is to start blogging. If you need some inspiration, why not have a look at this blog for engineers? Then add a blog to your website, start writing and watch you’re the traffic to your website increase.

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