Why you should be blogging whether your competition does or not

Blogging can give you a competitive edge, whether your competition is already blogging or not. Here’s why.

No-one else in your industry is blogging

You’ve done your research and checked out many of your competitors’ websites. You have found that no-one in your industry is blogging. Does that mean you shouldn’t either? On the contrary. This means, blogging will give you a real boost and a competitive edge.

You will gain more traffic to your website. Your social media accounts will always have interesting content to share that leads straight back to your website. You can establish yourself as THE expert in your industry – especially since no-one else wants to take on that role. The playground is yours.

“But if no-one else in my industry is blogging, doesn’t that mean that it’s the wrong thing to do?” The simple answer is that the others are just not realising that blogging could even be an option in your industry. Yes, there might be compliance issues – work out what you can say, and you won’t have an issue. Maybe you think that your industry is not very interesting to write about? Make it interesting. Find case studies where you have helped clients solve their problems, maybe in unusual ways. Use infographics and make your content visually compelling. The options are endless.

But what if the opposite is true?

Your competition is blogging already

So, you’re wondering whether it’s worth your while. Do you really want to be left out? You don’t have to write about what everyone else writes about. Put your own spin on it. How do you distinguish yourself from the competition in a sales conversation? Maybe you have a particularly quirky approach or amazing after sales service? Maybe your items are handmade, fair trade or otherwise unique in your industry? Write about it.

Check up on your competitors’ frequency. Do they blog only once a month? Blog at least twice a month yourself to get the competitive edge. Are their posts full of jargon and hard to read? Write for your target audience, using their language and stay ahead by being understood more easily.

Over to you

So, as you can see, there’s a case for blogging no matter what the situation in your industry. Using your competition as a reason for not blogging is just an excuse. You need to do the best you can do for your business, and this includes blogging. It’s a powerful marketing tool that can benefit your business now and for many years to come.

If you need ideas or are not sure where to start, get in touch. I help business owners and marketing professionals learn the ins and outs of business blogging with my blogging training courses. Please get in touch to find out more. Email isi@wellorganised.org so we can set up a call to find out if I’m the right person to help you get your business to the next level.

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