Is there an ideal blog title length?

The headline or title is the most important part of your blog post. You can write the best blog post ever written but if the headline is poor and uninspiring chances are no-one will read it. A headline is a promise of what’s to come, a call to action to read on so to say. So what’s the ideal blog title length? Are there any rules to follow?

Some stats for your blog title length

Let’s start with Google, as that’s where a lot of people will find your blog posts first. Google cuts off any headline after 70 characters. This means it pays to stay within that limit so your efforts aren’t chopped off.

So much for the technical element. When we come to ideal length, it gets a bit trickier. Looking at various research seems to indicate that the ideal length is about 60 characters. This seems to be the best length for click-through rates, which is what we’re all after. We want people to see our headline in search results and click through to our website to read the article.

We then get to shareability. Different lengths are recommended for different platforms. The ideal length for sharing on Facebook is about 40 characters, whereas on Twitter titles with 71 to 100 characters perform best. When it comes to LinkedIn, you can even go from 80 to 120 characters. These numbers, though researched, are not very helpful. Your headline is of a certain length and won’t change just because you share it on social media.

Other important factors for your blog titles

But your blog title length isn’t the only important factor. Even more important is the impact your headline makes. It needs to be catchy, interesting and compel readers to find out more.

I recommend that you always craft your title after you have finished writing your blog post. Give yourself a working title to keep you on track while you’re writing but only create the final headline once you know exactly what’s in the body of your text.

Come up with a few options. Then go away for a little while. Go and make yourself a cup of tea/coffee/insert favourite beverage here and come back with fresh eyes. Some people even like to sleep on it. One of your ideas will be best at grabbing your attention when you get back to it, that’s the one to go with. Or run your ideas past a friend or colleague. It’s always good to get someone else’s perspective as we’re often biased towards our own work.

You also want to make sure you include one keyword (ideally a key phrase or long tail keyword) in your headline. It’ll give your SEO an extra boost.

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