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Here is a selection of what current and previous clients are saying about Isi Dixon at Well Organised Marketing and her online marketing services.

Online Marketing 1-2-1 Training

Isi has helped me over the past three months to increase my knowledge on all things blogging.

I have found her to be knowledgeable, supportive and fun to work with.

I have appreciated the honest feedback and practical tips given.

Working with Isi has increased the number of blogs that I have written, and I now feel that I have the skills and knowledge to do this independently.

If you have business contacts that know they ought to be blogging but don’t know how to get started, then please don’t hesitate to refer them to Isi for help.

Claudine Jackson, Just Wills & Legal Services

* * *

I’ve got so much benefit from working with you, even in our initial meeting, you were full of ideas! You’ve really helped me clarify exactly what needs to be done to blog successfully.

I have clarity, structure and a genuine improvement in the quality of all of my blogs. now, thanks to you. I was a bit unsure of how to create a successful blog post before I worked with you, and didn’t have a lot of confidence in what I was doing, but you have really helped me develop my own writing style. As well as helping me with all the ‘techy’ bits too….so much so, that I’m now moving my website to wordpress.com, so I can take advantage of all the plug ins available that will really help my blog stand out….that would have been unthinkable 6 months ago!

And that is definitely down to you. I’ve created a blog timetable that fits in with the newsletters I write, and I have more subject suggestions that I would ever have time to write about too!

Many thanks to you Isi…you really do know your stuff. I’ll look forward to our monthly ‘update’ calls to help keep me on track too!

All the best
Bridgette Hamilton from the Breakthrough WeightLoss Revolution

* * *

I love the online course.  It’s so easy to follow as it’s a logically staged process and packed with information. The course leads you through blog post planning, research, anatomy, composition, analysis and then publishing. All in bite size chunks.

Before working with Isi I’d start writing a blog post but rarely finished it. I may become engrossed with the research then find myself diverted away from writing. With Isi’s course and personal support, I’m finding a way to write that suits me.

Since I’ve started working with Isi, I’ve create a blogging planner, allocated writing time and I’m now starting to enjoy blogging.

Karen Chappell  www.bodylogiq.com


“The one to one training that Isi gave to me on how to use MailChimp as an email marketing tool was fantastic. She guided me through the process from start to finish, making all the steps really simple to follow and explained everything on a level that a new person to this system was easy to understand.

As a charity we can now keep our supporters and potential new supporters up to date on what we are doing for free, which is invaluable to us as an organisation.

We are a small local charity who are always 10 years behind the times when it comes to using technology. Before Isi’s training we struggled to raise awareness of the work we are doing and we struggled to share with our contacts ways in which they could support us, which for a charity is essential. From our Main Base in Newark we can now reach the whole of Nottinghamshire, keeping them informed of the valuable services we offer and we can now reach out further for potential support too.

Three most significant improvements to our charity thanks to Isi’s MailChimp training:

1-We can shout about our cause for free and further afield.

2-We look more professional and current.

3-We are gaining more support for our cause.”

Caroline Froggatt, Corporate and Community Engagement Coordinator, www.childrensbereavementcentre.co.uk

* * *

“Isi is a breath of fresh air. Her experience and wide range of online marketing skills mean she can quickly make an impact . Love her ‘Can do’ hit-the-ground-running no messing about approach. Recommended.”

Anna Girstun, AGBD, Nottingham

* * *

“Isi came to my salon recommended by a customer and she helped me with my Twitter and Facebook accounts. She was really professional in her approach and I received a lot of useful tips. She went an extra mile in explaining to me why is that and how it can help me.
Highly recommended.”

Corina Lucian, Salon Corina, Nottingham

* * *

“’Isi is a straightforward, patient person. Friendly and easy to work with Isi, attended my Fabulous’ networking event as a speaker, she was very well organised and flexible. My guests enjoyed the presentation they felt engaged, informed and enlightened by Isi practical tips and strategies. Currently I have contracted Isi to help me organise my emails, get more familiar with LinkedIn and Twitter, whilst I set up another business.
I am happy to recommend Isi as a reliable and professional service” February 14, 2011

Karen Oehme, Nottingham

Online Marketing Workshops and Webinars

“A very well organised webinar about the merits of blogging delivered in an easy to digest format. Really made me think about my own strategy for Skin Elixir. Excellent stuff. Five stars.”

Shona Munro, Skin Elixir

* * *

“I really enjoyed the class on blogging. Isi was informative, helpful and fun. I learnt a lot of useful tips to help improve traffic to my website and I’m looking forward to being able to use them. Thank you very much.”

Samantha Burke, Liberty Kitchen

* * *

“Isi has great expertise, and communicates it with clarity and enthusiasm.  Our participants gave great feedback after her workshop, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Isi as a trainer and workshop leader to anyone who wants to use technology more effectively for their business”.

Debbie Read, Read Consultancy, Leicester

* * *

“I have recently launched a new business after being a mum and wife for the best part of ten years. Although I am quite familiar with social media and how to use this as a marketing tool, I was unfamilliar with the blogging world. It seems in these ten years a whole generation of people have emerged and successfully document their life and interest in the form of a blog.
As this was new to me, I attended Isi Dixons workshop on Blogging for Business. I cannot state enough how effective this presentation was. I learnt how to apply my existing skills to my own business and how to create blogs to direct internet traffic to my website and keep the traffic there as opposed to the reader losing interest.
Isi was informative, friendly and a pleasure to met.”

Tasneem Dakri, Founder of V:GD, www.v-gd.co.uk

* * *

“I found the workshop interesting and very informative as I am from a traditional printing background.  Thank you very much”

Sue Witts, Ask Sue Witts Printing Services

Blog Writing Services

“Isi has been writing blogs for me for a few months now. She puts time and effort into understanding the technical aspects of my business. Her writing style is easy to follow – even on complex legal issues. She also creates great images to match with each post. I would definitely recommend her.”

Amanda Harris, Will Writer, Nottingham

Online Marketing Services

“Isi has helped get my online marketing into a more systematic and regular programme, rather than the “hit and miss” version it was before. She is a great sounding board and certainly knows her stuff technically. She is not afraid to turn her hand to new things, too, but will let you know if it is unfamiliar territory. Isi provides a service that is vital in business these days. If you either don’t have the time or inclination to do your own marketing, contact Isi, she is an expert!”

Sam Culshaw-Robinson, Hypnotherapist, Nottingham

“Isi came to us at a time when we were in desperate need of an online marketing specialist — we were re-branding the charity, lots of changes were afoot and we needed someone with experience, expertise and empathy for the work we do. That’s what we got with Isi! She’s taken our website and revamped it to a marvellously high standard (and continues to update and titivate it on a weekly basis); she created our online social media presence (Facebook and Twitter accounts) — making it far easier for our members and worldwide victims of childhood sexual abuse, to receive our support; and she’s currently delivering top-quality IT training to several of my IT-phobic colleagues. And not only is she is extremely knowledgeable, she’s a wonderful person to work with. All in all, I highly recommend Isi to improve anyone’s business!”

Nicci Robinson, CEO at S.H.E. UK, Mansfield