12 Ideas to Get Unstuck With Your Blog Content

Thinking about new content for your blog can be tough. The age old “what could I write about that I haven’t said already?” can really cause writer’s block. But it doesn’t have to be this way. There are many different ways to make your topic interesting, you just haven’t thought about them yet. Here are a dozen ideas how you could spice up your blog with something a little bit different.

1.      Customer success story

If you’re able to use a testimonial (ideally with a client’s name) – perfect. Use it and pad out the article with details of what you did for that client. If your industry doesn’t allow for that, you might be in the legal profession or have other restrictions regarding confidentiality, you can keep it as general as possible or anonymous, while still detailing how you helped a client with a difficult situation or how you could.

2.      Mention a popular post

Refer to a popular post on another blog, linking to it and giving your take on the topic.

3.      Disagree with a popular opinion

Want to cause a bit of controversy on your blog?  This is a good way to get the comments section going. And if you have good arguments for your opinion, you might even get people onto your side.

4.      Use the news

Has your industry been in the news recently? Make the most of it and comment on it either from your personal opinion and point of view or from the angle of how it impacts your business/sector in particular.

5.      Compile a link roundup

Are there some links that you often use, that your readers might find equally useful? Compile a list of them and write about how they help you do what you do.

6.      Can you use a celebrity?

People love reading about what celebrities are up to. Has anyone famous used a product or service like yours? There’s a great blog post for you.

7.      Answer the questions everyone is asking

What are the questions that you are constantly answering? You could put together an FAQ so there is a permanent answer you can send people to with your blog.

8.      Pose your own question

Are there questions you wish people would ask? Put them out there and answer them, so that people find out what they should know.

9.      Talk about trends

What is trending in your industry? Where is it going? As an expert, you have your finger on the pulse of what’s coming next or what is going to be the “next big thing”, so write a post about where things are or might be going.

10. Discuss future plans

Have you got anything interesting in the pipeline? Get people excited in advance and let them know about it. You could even start taking names of people who are interested in what you have to offer next (grow that email list!)!

11. Review a book

Have there been any interesting publications in your industry recently? Review a book and cement that expert status even further.

12. Review a product or service

Are there any products or services that complement what you do? Reviewing those will show people that you can “see the big picture” and are interested in more than just your part of the puzzle.

As you can see from these ideas it doesn’t always have to be dry facts about what you do and how you do it. Go off on a tangent and mix things up a bit. Your audience will thank you.

Over to you

Have you blogged about anything recently that wasn’t run of the mill? Why not share a link of your article in the comments?

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