3 more blogging mistakes business owners need to avoid

In my last blog post, I shared the 3 top mistakes business owners make when blogging, and how to avoid them. As I was compiling the list, I realised that there are several more mistakes businesses need to avoid for their blog to be a successful marketing tool. So, here is another batch of three:

       1.  Using boring headlines

If you’ve been following my blog posts for a while you will have seen many a blog post about headlines. That’s because, in my opinion, blog titles are probably the most important element of a blog post. You can write the best post on the planet, but if it’s got a boring headline, chances are very high that no one will bother to read any further. It is one of the biggest blogging mistakes you can make. Your headline is the call-to-action for your reader to keep reading. And if it doesn’t do that, if it’s not inviting or compelling enough, you won’t get people to stay with you.

Headlines are also used as headers in search results. If they’re a bit “meh” or “blah”, you will not get people to click through to the article, which means you have wasted your time writing, as you will not get anyone back to your website.

So, how do you create good headlines? You could start with this article I wrote a little while ago about how to craft compelling blog headlines.

       2.  No visuals

Reading online is all about the user experience. You want to make your content easy to read. This means writing in a visually attractive way. So, in addition to short sentences, short paragraphs and good formatting, use visuals in your writing.

As an absolute minimum, create a branded blog graphic that gives an indication what the article is about. It not only looks good on the page but will also get pulled through to social media when you or your readers share your blog posts. This in turn, will make more people click through to your blog posts = more traffic.

Be sure to only use images you have either created yourself or you have sourced from a reputable image source. Don’t just use Google images, you can get into all sorts of trouble with copyright.

Find more info on this topic and links to good image sites in my article on images in blog posts.

       3.  No relevance to your target audience

What are your potential customers really interested in? Do they care that you won a local business award, or do they want proof that you are an expert in your field?

Your blog is the place to create trust in your expertise and show what you can do for your customers and clients. So, they are the ones you need to keep engaged. This means, be relevant to your target audience. Write about your subject, and above all, make it interesting. Get creative with your subject.

For some tips on how you can make even the most boring topics more interesting, click the link.

Over to you

If you have realised that there is more to blogging than you originally thought, and you would like to learn the ins and outs of blogging as a powerful marketing tool, please get in touch. I provide training for business owners and marketing professionals who would like to add blogging to their marketing arsenal. Simply email me at isi@wellorganised.org and we can arrange a suitable time for a chat to see how to help you to I can help you achieve your business goals through blogging.

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