The 4 essential roles you need in your blogging team

While you are blogging for your own business, you will research, write, edit and optimise the article. You are also the person who creates the blog graphic and uploads your article onto your website. But once you have a whole team at your disposal, not everyone who blogs for your business has to do all these jobs. You can make better use of people’s strengths. So here is an idea for some roles you might want to think about in your blogging team.

Essential Roles in your Blogging Team


This would be your basic blogging role. You could have several people who do the writing of the blog post. They will most likely also do research.

Editor (SEO)

This will probably be done by one person. They need to have great attention to detail and strong language skills as they will proofread the articles, check for spelling and grammatical errors and bring the blog posts in line with each other if their styles are too diverse. A good basic knowledge of SEO is also important, as this would be the perfect role to optimise the articles for search engines.

Image Creation

For the creative one in your team – not everyone is good at writing, but if they’re visually creative, you can assign them the role of image creator. Give them the basic gist what the article is about and they can come back with branded blog graphics that will enhance the blog posts as well as increase click through rates from social media.

Admin (uploading)

Finally, everything is finished and your article is ready for uploading onto your website. This can usually be done by and admin person.

Over to you

Which role is the first you are going to outsource to one of your team members? Are there any roles you would add to your team that I haven’t mentioned? Leave your replies in the comments.

This is only one of the many strategies I teach when working with my blogging clients.
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