5 Reasons Why an Interior Designer Needs a Blog

Everyone seems to be jumping on the blogging bandwagon, but that doesn’t mean you should. It’s about evaluating the pros and cons and identifying if it’s worth your time and effort. If it’s a big benefit to your business and all your competitors are doing it, then maybe it’s time to begin.

When you don’t work in a technical industry it can seem a daunting to create something like a blog. Where do you even start?

Let’s discuss some of the reasons why, as an interior designer, a blog is necessary for your business.

Brand Awareness

We all know that in today’s business world, having a strong brand and identity is essential for business success. You want your customers to know and understand who you are and what makes you different; you want to stand out from the crowd after all.

Creating and writing a blog, whether you have fresh posts every week or every month, gives you the opportunity to tell your customers more about you and your brand. You can tell your brand story, give them more of an insight into how the business works and really showcase what you stand for.

Blogging is a very powerful way to reach a wider audience allowing them to connect with you in a very different way. 

Building Trust

Getting a sale or new customer is a real buzz, right? Sometimes though we strive for a long time to build a relationship with people before they engage with us. How can we improve that process?

Well imagine if you were telling your story, showing your projects and skillset and generally putting yourself out there more through a blog. Wouldn’t the potential customer have much more to go on when deciding if you are the right person for the job?

Building trust is a key factor in choosing to write a blog and not one to be overlooked.  

Showcasing your Services and Projects

You might share an image or two from recent projects on Facebook. You may put a picture up on Instagram too, but what if you could share a project from beginning to end through imagery and words on your blog?

Imagine the story you could tell.

Imagine how you could show new customers and those interested in interior design exactly what you’re capable of. Wouldn’t that be a powerful tool?

Giving your old and new customers an insight into your thought processes, design skills and project results is the absolute way to draw them in.

Creating Fresh Content for SEO

Well did you know Google really likes it when a website is updated? It’s true.

Blogs give you the opportunity to add fresh content to your website on a regular basis and help you appear higher in search results.

In fact, if you get it right, a blog will undoubtedly improve your search rankings. A definite plus when you come to decide if a blog is right for you.

Staying Competitive as an Interior Designer

Finally, consider what your competitors are up to. Are they writing a regular blog?

If they are, then it’s probably a very good idea to jump in and create your own. And do it better!

Whilst you are probably a fabulous interior designer it’s not worth being left behind on the technology front. Everyone uses social media and blogs now so if it feels like a step too far for you, look at outsourcing it. There are plenty of virtual assistants who will do a fantastic job.

So, as an interior designer, if you don’t have a blog already, are you now thinking of creating one?

Drop us a comment below and let us know!

Jen Stanbrook is a leading UK interiors blogger, writing the multi award winning home blog, Love Chic Living. She has recently branched out into fashion and wellness for 40+ women at Style Brief and you can also find her coaching businesses on ‘Pinterest as a marketing tool’ over at jenstanbrook.com.

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