5 tips how you can use social media to create more blog content

Coming up with fresh new content on a regular basis can be difficult, especially if you have been blogging for a while. But have you considered looking to Social Media for inspiration? Here are 5 ways you can use Social Media to come up with relevant topics for your blog and help with your content creation.

Content Creation Ideas

  1. Use your Social Media channels to ask open questions such as: “What would you like to read about on my blog?” or “Ask me a questions, I’ll answer it with a blog post”
  2. You might already have some topic ideas in mind but are not sure which way to go. Create a mini survey and let people choose their favourite topics.
  3. Twitter is a popular Social Media platform to ask questions. These questions might be just the kind of topics that are your expertise so follow relevant hashtags. Choose hashtags that are relevant to your industry and see what kind of questions people are asking. These questions make excellent blog topics.
  4. Many business owners use LinkedIn as a networking platform. Join relevant groups and see what is being discussed. Join in the discussion and use these questions to create your blog posts in relation to that.
  5. Both Facebook and Twitter have a list of trending topics in the sidebar. These are topics that people are talking about at the moment, therefore of great interest to a large number of people. See if you can weave these trending topics into your content and write highly relevant blog posts.

Over to you

Now that you have the tools, what are you going to do to implement this content creation strategy?

Or maybe you have already used some of these strategies, then let us know in the comments how this has worked for you.


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