5 types of blog posts that attract readers

When you’re sitting down to write your content, you want to make the best use of your time. You don’t want to waste it crafting something that will never get read. You want to engage your readers, and ideally, you also want people to follow the call the action you’ve added. All this only happens if your blog posts actually get read. So what types of blog posts attract the most readers?

1.      List Posts

Often going hand in hand with titles that include numbers, this style offers something very specific to your readers, which people appreciate. This is post is an example of this type – I’m offering 5 types of blogs that are attractive to readers. List posts can be a compilation of tips, tools or useful links, whatever is suitable for your topic.

The important thing is that you deliver what you promise. A great way of handling this is to create your heading after you’ve finished writing your post.  You avoid restricting yourself or the reverse, having to force extra points and risk weakening the strength of your content. Write your post, then count and add that number. If it’s small and uneven – even better, but don’t worry too much about that. Concentrate on providing usefulness, quality rather than quantity, that will always win.

2.      How To Posts

Another popular type of post is the kind that shows people how to do or achieve a particular thing. This can be a tutorial or a set of step-by-step instructions, but they must also be a story. Using the phrase “how to” in the headline, will also give your post a boost, as it’s one of the most searched phrases in Google.

Make sure you keep things simple and straightforward. Don’t include too much unnecessary detail. Make it easy for your audience to get a quick win by following your instructions. This is more likely to make them come back for more and that equals more traffic for you.

3.      Video Posts

Videos are becoming increasingly popular. Watching a quick video about something is so much easier than reading about it. It’s no coincidence that YouTube is the second largest search engine, with more searches per month than Bing and Yahoo combined. Wow!

Bearing this in mind, add video to your blog posts. Don’t make your blog posts pure video though. At least add a transcript below the video. There are two main reasons for this: 1) People who come to your website to read your blog might really want to read rather than watch, and 2) search engine optimisation still works through text (video will give you bonus points). So, make sure your content is there in words as well as in pictures and videos.

How does it work? Simply upload your videos to YouTube, which gives you a presence on another platform. Then use the embed code to add your video to your blog post. If you use WordPress, it’s even easier. You can simply add the link to your YouTube video into the text and after a couple of seconds a video player is inserted. Almost like magic. 😉

4.      Podcast Show Notes

Do you have a podcast? Add the show notes as a blog post. It can give you extra blog content. For some podcasters that’s all the blogging they do. As with videos, you can post a transcript but with show notes you want to provide some extra information.

You can add links, downloadable content (like cheat sheets or checklists), resources mentioned in the podcast and any further useful information. These types of blog posts will do very well in attracting your listeners to your website.

5.      Blog Series

If you have too much content for one blog post you can split it up into a series. Make sure that each part can stand alone, though. Not everyone will start with post 1 and then read 2 and 3 in that order. You still want people to understand what you’re talking about, whatever order they read them in.

A blog series will give you an excellent reason to link all the posts in the series together. This is a very natural way for search engine optimisation.

Over to you – what types of blog posts work for you?

Did you write a blog post that did particularly well? Did it fall into one of the above categories? Or do you find a different type of post does particularly well on your blog? Please share your experience in the comments (and yes, you can link to your blog post!).

Creating these types of posts is only one of the strategies I teach my clients when they work with me. I provide training for business owners to use blogging as a marketing tool to grow their businesses. Please get in touch at isi@wellorganised.org and we can set up an informal chat to see how to achieve your business goals through the power of blogging.

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