5 Ways to Get Blog Topics Without Using Google

A great way to research for popular topics for your blog is to ask your audience which questions they would like an answer to. Nothing prompts people better to give you answers than asking them in person! Here are 5 opportunities to get blog topics personally without using Google.

Different occasions where you can get blog topics

  • Networking events (open networking)
    Once you have done your basic introductions you need a follow up question to ask, and what better way to open up the conversation than asking something like: “If you came to my blog what question would you like an answer to?” or “What is the main thing you would like to know about [what I do]?”. Be prepared to give a basic answer to that question there and then but make a note of the question to add to your list of blog topics.
  • Networking events (your 60 seconds)
    If your networking event offers a 60 second slot, why not prepare a set of small pieces of paper with one of the above questions printed on it and some space for the fellow networkers to write an answer. When it comes to your 60 seconds, hand out the notes and explain what you want them to do. Make sure you have enough slips for everyone and collect them after the event.
  • When meeting with someone for a 1-2-1 (the type of meeting where you find out more about each other’s businesses) slip in a question such as “What can I tell you about what I do?” Note down the questions for possible blog topics.
  • If you attend trade shows as a stallholder listen out for suitable questions that attendees ask you while they’re at your stand.
  • Collect FAQs (frequently asked questions). Some questions pop up again and again. Make sure you gather them all in one place. You can give short answers if you have an FAQ page on your website. But make sure you answer each one in greater detail in a blog post.

Over to you

Do you do any blog research in person? If yes, are you using any strategies different from the ones above? What works for you? Please share your experiences in the comments.


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jordan turner
5 years ago

awesome information! Enjoyed reading the suggestion on collecting faq’s 🙂

Isi Dixon
Isi Dixon
5 years ago
Reply to  jordan turner

Thank you! It’s a great hack, isn’t it. 🙂