6 important reasons why your blog MUST be on your business website

Quite often, when I ask business owners about an existing blog for their business website, the conversation goes something like this:

“Oh, yes, I have a blog. It’s on WordPress (or Blogger or similar)”

“So, you don’t have a business blog on your website?”

“No, but I send all my social media traffic to my blog. But I don’t get anything back from it. It’s probably not worth doing.”

Here’s the problem. If your blog is not directly on your website, on its own separate page, you are missing not just one trick but many.

Here’s what you can’t do on a free blogging platform

(whether that’s WordPress or Blogspot or similar).

  1. Every time you send your social media followers to your latest blog post, you are not sending them to your website. That’s wasted traffic, that should be going to your business website.
  2. You have to remember to link every blog post back to your website, with a clever call to action, so that you entice people to click through to your website. Only this way they can find out about your products and/or services.
  3. You are relying on people to actually click those links.
  4. You cannot monetise your free blog. This means you cannot sell directly on your blog, or run ads. If the hosts find out, they will shut down your blog and you lose all your content. It’s their platform, not yours.
  5. It is on your website, where you can ask people to sign up for a lead magnet (something you offer for free in exchange for an email address) to build your email list. And you’re relying on people to click through from somewhere else.
  6. Your website (which you have probably paid a fair bit of money for) is the place where you talk about your services or products. If it’s an e-commerce site, this is where you sell your wares. And you’re not sending people there!

As you can see, it is crucial that your blog “lives” directly on your website. If your website is not able to host a blog, I would recommend investing in a website that does. It is the blog that amplifies a website enormously. Blogging generates more traffic and is incredibly useful for SEO (search engine optimisation). Check out this previous article to find out more 6 ways blogging can get more traffic to your website.

Another important point about your business website

This, of course, also means that it’s important that you own your own web domain. You should have paid for your web address such as www.yourcompanyname.com or any combination with co.uk, or any other country codes. If you set up your page on a free domain, i.e. you have something like yourcompanyname.wordpress.com or yourcompanyname.blogspot.com or similar, and you’re serious about your business, you should really invest in your very own domain name.

Over to you

If you need help setting up your business blog on your website, especially if your business website is WordPress based (the paid version), I can help. Please get in touch by sending me a message to isi@wellorganised.org

This is only one of the many strategies I teach when working with my blogging clients.
If you want to learn more about what I do, please click here.

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