A new blog – all about online marketing

Now that I’ve finally sorted out how to create 2 blogs on one website I’m ready for a new blogging adventure – all about online marketing. The Productivity Blog will stay on the site, as it contains lots of useful content that I don’t want to abandon. We are called Well Organised Marketing Services for a reason – it’s still all about being organised and productivity is a big part of that.

As online marketing is quite a large field here is a flavour of what I will be concentrating on. There will be posts about how to make the most of Social Media, things to consider when creating e-newsletters, blogging tips and tricks as well as information on SEO.

If there are any topics within that realm you are particularly interested in, please leave a comment or get in touch via email. I’m always looking for ideas and yours might just be the one to stop me from getting writer’s block.

The posts will appear roughly weekly, some weeks there might even be two posts (sharp intake of breath). So hang in there and with the words of a famous songwriter of our time “Let me entertain you”. And because blogging is part of Social Media, with emphasis on the social part, please comment and join in. It makes it more fun for me, too. 🙂


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