Add 1 Key Element to your Website to Increase your Email List

Let’s be honest. The reason most of us have a website is to make money. We want to transform visitors who just browse the site into loyal followers and eventually paying clients. But how can you do that when your product is not an impulse buy or if you’re offering a service? How can you stay in touch with people who visit your site if you have no idea who they are?

A really good way to to capture your visitors and turn them into prospects who might one day buy from you is offering them something for free that is of value to them. Well almost for free, all they have to do is give you their email address in return and the permission to stay in touch with the promise of lots more free valuable content – your newsletter.

Make sure this invitation is visible on every page and is inviting. Create a useful and valuable document that anyone who visits your site would want to have. The fact that they visited your site means they are basically interested in what you do, so what could you offer that lets them make the next step? Think of How tos, Mistakes to Avoid, Insider Information, etc. and create that document. Give it an attractive title that makes it irresistible, upload it to your site and invite people to download it. Tell people about it on Social Media, link to your page and watch your sign-ups go up and up.

Once you have those email addresses, treat them well, keep providing them with good content, don’t just spam them with salesy messages or they will quickly unsubscribe again. How to create good quality email newsletters will be the topic of another blog post, so stay tuned.

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