Yet Another 12 Super Easy Business Blogging Tips You Can Implement Straight Away

It’s been a while since I shared my last set of 12 tips. If you like easy techniques you can implement straight away here are the first two installments: 12 Super Easy Business Blogging Tips You Can Implement Straight Away and 12 More Super Easy Business Blogging Tips You Can Implement Straight Away. They are in no particular order, so you can implement any of them whenever suits you. So, let’s start the new batch:

1.      Consider recording your blog posts and turning them into a podcast.

Re-purposing your content is a brilliant way to get more results with less work. You’ve already done the research and created a great blog post. Record your writing and start a podcast with very little effort. This can be another marketing channel for you and lead to great exposure.

2.      Always be useful. Never be salesy – your blog is not the place for it.

The purpose of your blog is to establish yourself as an expert, creating trust with your potential customers and clients. Selling is not a part of this, that comes later. If you want to link seamlessly to your products or services, use your call to action to move your readers to the next step on their journey with you.

3.      Install Google Analytics to measure your impact.

Do you want to know if anybody is actually reading your blog posts? Install Google Analytics. This tool is free to use and not only will it tell you how many people have visited each blog post, but also where in the world they were from, how long they stayed and where they moved on to from there (another page on your site or away from your website). Well worth doing!

4.      Break up longer articles with relevant sub headings. Also good for SEO.

Reading long pieces of text can be hard on the eyes, especially when reading online. Many people who read on their laptops or mobile devices scan read, which means they simply scan the page to see if anything interesting jumps out at them. Make it easier for them to find the parts of your articles they want to read by using sub headings. This will also improve your SEO as it improves the user experience.

5.      Headlines with numbers work well. 5 Tips …. 7 Ways to … etc.

Humans are intrigued by numbers. We want to know what the 5 tips are or how the 7 ways work or whether we are making the top 3 mistakes. So use numbers in your headlines, just as the one you’re reading right now – 12 super easy blogging tips.

6.      Do you sell products? Write about alternate ways to use your products (hacks).

As I mentioned earlier, it’s best not to try and sell to your readers. That doesn’t mean you can’t talk about your products, however, especially if you have some interesting or quirky ways that your products can be used. For instance, did you know that there are dozens of ways you can use the humble bulldog clip? If you’ve got a few minutes check out this video. Have a think about different creative ways in which people can use your products, perhaps to make their lives easier.

7.      Be seen as a thought leader and write about upcoming trends in your industry.

Writing about trends in your industry can give you a real edge. It sets you apart from people who don’t and will give you more credibility as an expert in your field.

8.      Your headline could be an FAQ.

Do you have lots of questions that people ask you over and over again? These Frequently Asked Questions or FAQs make ideal topics for your blog.

9.      Use online title generators to spark new blog post ideas.

Have you ever used online title generators? If not, you are missing out on some fun and an interesting way to come up with new ideas. Here’s one I tried earlier: – simply enter your keyword and it comes up with hundreds of suggestions.

10. Have you considered reviewing books about your subject?

Another blog post idea is to review a book about your industry. Alternatively, perhaps you could comment on a general business book that has helped you and that you have implemented lessons from successfully.

11. Use photographs you have taken yourself. They are definitely royalty free for you.

If you can’t find any suitable royalty-free images online, why not take your own? You definitely won’t have to worry about copyright!

12. Make sure your spelling & grammar is flawless. It’s part of your reputation.

Proof read your articles several times, use spellcheck and make sure your grammar is flawless. If you’re not sure about spelling and grammar, have a friend or business partner check your writing, or pay a copy editor to go through your work. It is certainly easier to get someone else to do it! If your writing is sloppy, it will reflect badly on your reputation and on how you conduct business.

Over to you

So there we are, another 12 business blogging tips. If you have found these useful, please use the sharing buttons to share this post to Facebook or LinkedIn. Thank you! 😊

To learn how to use Blogging a powerful marketing tool for your business, please get in touch. Drop me an email at and we can arrange a suitable date for a chat to find out how Blogging can help you achieve your business goals.


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