How to avoid duplicate blog posts when guest blogging

You’ve been blogging for a little while and someone approaches you to write a guest blog post for their blog. Great! You trawl through your published articles and find a really suitable one. Can you simply send them the article? After all, it’ll get more exposure that way. You could, as it’s your article and you can do with it what you want but please don’t. You’re not doing yourself or the blog that’s going to host your guest post any favours with duplicate blog posts. Here’s why.

Consequences of creating duplicate blog posts

If Google finds that the same article is published on two different sites it will only rank one of them. It chooses what it considers most relevant and you have no control which one is chosen.

Most host blogs will want original content, so fobbing them off with a simple copy is simply not good practice. As a result, your reputation will suffer. You will also, most likely, not be asked to guest post again.

What can you do instead?

  • Rewrite the majority of the article (at least 70%).
  • Write an “opposite” article (ie. If you wrote about what to do about a certain problem, turn the idea on its head and write about what not to do)
  • Take the time and write a brand-new article – you should have a nice long list of options in your editorial calendar that you haven’t used yet.
  • Simplify your article if your host’s blog attracts a more general audience
  • Go into more detail on one of the points you made in your original article if your host’s blog attracts more of an expert audience
  • Create a conglomerate post of a few, more detailed posts on your own blog, taking one idea from each blog post.

PS: Also check out my previous blog post about reposting your articles to LinkedIn.

Over to you

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Beverley Perkins
3 years ago

Thanks Isi. There are some great, simple but useful tips here that I should have thought of…but haven’t! Thanks! 🙂

Val Serrano
2 years ago

Excellent article. Exactly what I was looking for with all the answers I need and each one makes perfect sense and is very doable. The list under What Can You Do Instead? is gold! Thank you!