Avoid these 3 Novice Business Blogging Blunders

When you first start out blogging, it can feel a little bit overwhelming. From all the techy bits to figuring out what to write about, there’s a lot to learn. But there are a few blogging blunders often made by beginners that are very easy to avoid.

Writing about You, Yourself and You again

I’m sorry to have to break it to you, but when reading a business blog, people aren’t interested in you as a person – they’re interested in your knowledge, your advice and your wisdom. They don’t want to know your life story and how you got to where you are now. That’s not the point of your business blog. If you really want to share your biography, pop a short version in the About Us page. Your blog is for sharing tips and advice, interesting facts about your industry and how you can help your readers as a business.

Putting all your knowledge in ONE blog post

Having really broad topics is another “rookie mistake”. Apart from being a quick way to run out of things to write about, it makes for really difficult reading. If you put too much information in one blog post, it becomes overwhelming for your readers. Instead, break your topics down into bite-size chunks.

Let’s say your topic is gardening. Instead of a post entitled “How to have a beautiful garden all year round”, you could break it down into monthly posts on what jobs to do each month. Another way could be by area (flower beds, borders, pond, trees, etc.) or types of plants.

I did the same with some of my earlier posts. I wrote about 8 ingredients for your perfect blog post. This became the basis for 8 more blog posts; one each for each ingredient.

Using YOUR interests as the only inspiration

Unless you are your ideal customer, it can be dangerous to only write about what you’re interested in. You will lose readers quickly if you don’t write about what they’re interested in. So, this is one of the blogging blunders you want to avoid at all cost.

Do some research. Ask on social media or at networking events what people would like to know more about. This will give you insights into what issues your potential clients might have. Ultimately, this will help you to grow your business – and that’s the main reason, you started your business blog in the first place!

Over to you

These and many other blogging blunders can be avoided with some blogging training. I provide 1-2-1 training as well as an online courseBusinessBlogging Made Easy”. If you’d like to find out how I can help you to reach your business goals through the power of blogging, please get in touch. Email me at isi@wellorganised.org

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