A Blog Template to help you create successful blog posts

I often get asked by people I meet, whether I have any templates they can use. Well, until today I didn’t, but I thought it was about time to create one. So below is a basic blog template that is super easy to follow. It was created with a regular size blog post in mind, so about 400 to 600 words. If you’d rather write long form (over 1000 words), this template will have to be adapted, of course.

blog template

A good blog post must have the following elements, an eye-catching headline, a well-crafted lead paragraph, well structured body copy and a strong conclusion (with a call to action).

Here are the blog template elements in more detail:

Eye-catching headline

Your headline is probably the most important part of your blog post. Don’t leave it as an afterthought. Only a good, strong headline will be able to engage with people searching through the internet for interesting, relevant content. It is the headline’s job, to catch the eye of the reader and make them click through and keep reading.

Well-crafted lead paragraph

The first paragraph is called the lead paragraph. Its job is similar to the headline’s, as in it needs to be interesting enough to keep the reader engaged and reading on. Make it informative, intriguing or funny, whatever your style.

Well structured body copy

The main part of the article, the body copy, is where you go into the nitty gritty, the details of your article. Make sure your copy is well structured and easy to read. Make 3 – 5 points; whether that’s tips, advice, steps to achieve something or an argument – this number is great for a regular size blog post.

Strong conclusion

The main point of the conclusion of your blog post is to lead the reader to the logical next step. Round off your story, summarise your tips, etc. and give them a Call to Action. What do you want them to do next? You can ask them to sign up for your newsletter (give them a very good reason to do so, or you’re wasting your time), share the article, check out your product/services page, etc. Pick one thing and make it stand out visually.

Over to you

This simple structure is just one of the many, many techniques I teach my students. If you’d like to update your blogging knowledge, please get in touch. I have 10 years’ experience of blogging both for my own business as well as for my clients. You can choose from 1-2-1 training or an online course, depending on your requirements.

Email me at isi@wellorganised.org
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