How blog writing makes you think differently about your business

Once you have been blogging for a little while, you will come to a point where you have written about all the obvious topics. You will have given all the tips and advice you could give in a blog post. You will probably have described your products and services in great detail. Now what? What else can you write about? Here’s how blog writing can give you brand new ideas for your business.

Get your thinking cap on

This is the point where having a blog and wanting to continually provide good content to your readers, gets interesting. These readers, your existing and potential clients, want to keep getting their weekly (or twice monthly) fix of your wisdom. So, it’s time you looked at your business, as well as your industry, a different way.

Start looking for the less obvious hidden topics in your industry, as well as in your business. Don’t just go deeper into your topic, go sideways. Look at it from different angles. Look at it from an outsider’s viewpoint. Blog writing doesn’t have to be about covering the obvious. That gets boring quite quickly. What might be interesting to someone who has no idea about your industry? Or how about someone who already knows a lot – it would be great to find something surprising for them to learn as well?

You get to a point where blogging really challenges you to think differently about your business – and that is a good thing! Yes, it may take a bit longer to come up with those topics, but it’s rewarding. You start learning new things about your industry yourself. Or you might even come up with new ideas for your business – new ways of doing things, new products or services, a new audience segment you could serve. How exciting!

You don’t have to do this alone, get help with your blog writing

When you reach that point, it’s a good idea to have a small group of people to do a brainstorming session with. Maybe you met some people through networking who you get on really well with, who would all benefit from a boost like that. Get together and take turns hot seating. Describe your business and let others come up with blog ideas for your business. Your only job is to write all those ideas down. Then it’s the next person’s turn.

Over to you

Are you stuck in a rut and can’t think of any more blog topics to write about? Get in touch. I provide blog writing strategy sessions where I help you come up with enough blog topics to fill your editorial calendar for 6-12 months (depending on your blogging frequency). Email me and we set up an informal chat to see how I can help.

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