How Blogging can help you reach new customers

Most of your customers are probably coming from word of mouth, referrals, networking and similar avenues. This makes it difficult to attract customers from outside your existing network. So how can you get new clients that are currently unreachable for you? Do you have to spend tons of money on advertising? Not necessarily. So how can you reach new customers? The answer is blogging.

Blogging can help you to reach new customers, because people from all over the world can be searching for exactly the products or services you have to offer. If you are the one providing pertinent information, great advice and regular, useful content, you will be attracting customers from very different sources. You might want to expand your geographical range or attract a different age group for example. You can achieve this through blogging.

By publishing blog posts to your website, you are expanding the number of pages of your site. As each blog posts lives on its own page, Google & Co get a new page to rank every time you publish. And through clever use of keywords you can make sure that your new target market feels right at home with your content.

Reach new customers through passive income streams

You could even start to create passive income through blogging. By creating a blog that attracts lots of visitors you can run affiliate adverts on your blog page. Affiliate schemes, such as Amazon’s affiliate programme, will pay you a percentage of every click-through that leads to a sale. So in the case of Amazon, you would link to relevant products on the retailer’s website, which when bought, will lead to you earning some money. Or if you’re doing really well with regards to visitor numbers, you could even sell advertising space on your blog. This is how professional bloggers make money and it could turn into a nice little second income stream for you.

As you can see, blogging is useful on so many levels. It’s a great marketing tool for your own company and can even lead to extra income on its own.

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