How Blogging can influence the “Know Like Trust” Factor

We have all heard the phrase “people like to buy from people” and from businesses that they “know, like and trust”. Once we trust someone, we are a lot happier to part with our hard-earned cash. So how can blogging help your customers to reach that place where they have faith and confidence in you?

“Getting to know you”

The first stage in learning to trust somebody is getting to know them. If you’re a musical buff, you might know the lyrics from “The King and I” by Rogers and Hammerstein, where Anna, the teacher who comes to Thailand sings:

“Getting to know you
Getting to know all about you
Getting to like you
Getting to hope you like me”

Blogging helps your potential clients to get know you, as your content starts to appear in their Google searches and social media updates.

We want them to like us

We then move onto the “Like” phase – how do we get our target audience to like us?  Yet again, blogging is the answer. Provide useful and relevant posts, with consistently good content – information that is exactly what they are looking for.  Answer their potential questions. In this blog post, I show you a way to find out what those questions are.

Give tips and advice around your topic of expertise. Make sure that you share these posts regularly on social media. Make it easy for people to find your content by using the key phrases or hashtags that people are likely to be searching for – put those in your headlines.

And finally, we get to trust

Would you buy from a company if the last update they had on their website was from 2 years ago? Or if any questions asked in comments on posts always stayed unanswered? You might even assume that the business is not trading anymore!

Trust is one of the more difficult things to establish but arguably is the most important. You can build trust through blogging by being consistent and responsive. Provide regular updates, don’t just post every now and again. If you can manage one blog post per week – perfect. Reply to comments on your blog as well as on social media. Don’t let an attempt to communicate with you go unanswered. You cannot build trust if you ignore comments.

You can make the transition from “Know” and “Like” to “Trust” even quicker if you include video in your blog posts. Your audience will feel like they are getting to know you better because you are right “there” talking to them – they get to know your voice and, if you use “talking head” videos (you talking in front of the camera) they will literally feel that you are talking directly to them. Nothing builds rapport quicker than video used in this way.

Over to you

If you’re new to blogging, you might not quite know where to start. Simply get in touch with me via email at: and we can set up an informal call to look at how using Blogging effectively will help you to achieve your business goals. If you’d like to check out what others are saying about my services first, here are some testimonials.

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