Blogging for Hotels – Is your hotel blogging yet?

Running a hotel is a very varied and busy job – so having to do yet another marketing thing might not be anywhere near the top of your “to do” list, but trust me, as a hotelier you’re really missing a trick if you don’t have a blog on your hotel website. There are many benefits of blogging for hotels, especially if done regularly – I’ve listed a few here:

Benefits of Blogging for Hotels

  • It improves your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
    Long gone are the days when all you had to do was add as many keywords as possible on all the pages of your website. That’s now called “Keyword Stuffing” and is extremely frowned upon, especially by Google. What is important, however, is creating regular, relevant content right there, on your website. This is what blogging is best at – it keeps your website fresh and up-to-date. Google and Co aren’t the only ones who will appreciate this – the visitors to your website will too.
  • It helps you to start connecting with your (potential) guests
    By writing about interesting topics (see ideas for blog posts below), you can start that connection with your guests even before they book. Especially if you enable comments, you can start the conversation and make your hotel the welcome place it’s meant to be.
  • Visitors can check out more info and get a feel for the place
    It’s often difficult to get a feel for the atmosphere of a hotel before you actually get there. With a blog that talks about past events, the experience of previous visitors and what there is to do in and around the hotel, you can provide valuable insights to your potential customers.
  • Enhance your image as a hotel to your desired clientele
    Are you looking to attract a particular type of guest to your venue? You can address them directly in your blog posts. Talk about topics that are of interest to them, to show them that your hotel is exactly the place they’re looking for.
  • Answer questions before visitors ask them
    Do you want to be the type of hotel that provides first class service and anticipates their visitors’ needs? Then answer questions on the blog before they even ask them. This shows that you are in tune with your prospective visitors.
  • Boost your search results through local mentions (attractions, places of interest, etc.)
    One of the advantages of blogging for a hotel is the local aspect. Ideally, you’ll write about places to see locally, give advice on local transport and amenities, etc. Google & Co will put 2 and 2 together and boost your website in local searches if you do this.

Ideas for a hotel blog

  • Local attractions – give in-depth descriptions including who it’s for, pros and cons, etc.
  • Menus and specials – depending how often you change your menu, this can be a recurring topic, giving you something to write about on a regular basis. Talk about new additions or special one-offs as and when they’re relevant.
  • Recently renovated? Show it off – ideally with lots of before and after photos.
  • Events you’ve held – again, pictures, pictures, pictures and maybe you’ve got some testimonials to share?
  • Wedding venue? Give ideas for wedding themes, etc. This shows that you’re pro-active and go the extra mile when it comes to being part of the most important day for the happy couple.
  • Behind the scenes – staff stories or interviews, funny or interesting tales from all the different parts of your establishment
  • History of your area – are there any quirky or unusual historical facts or characters that not many people know about? Do some research.
  • Local businesses that visitors might be interested in.
  • Travel guides, suggested walks, etc.
  • Book reviews – this could be books about your local area or general travel guides, etc.

A few tips just for hotel blogs

  • Use images whenever you can – they bring your words to life.
  • Whenever you mention local attractions, amenities, etc. let the owners/organisers know so they can also share your posts.
  • Always add a call to action – you can ask people to share your posts, download an event guide or even send them to the booking page. Top tip: only ever ask for one action per blog post, whatever is the most relevant.

Remember to promote your blog! Put a link to every blog post on social media so that people who follow you can read and share. Have links to your blog on local tourism websites and directories, as well as in your email signature.

Over to you

Do you run a hotel, but are not blogging yet? Get started now, while all these good reasons to do so are still fresh in your memory. Many hotels are not blogging yet, but the ones that are, reap many rewards.

If you need help with blogging for your hotel, please get in touch. You can email me at to get the ball rolling.

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