Blogging for Makeup Artists – create your image to stand out in a crowd

Starting a blog as a makeup artist is a great way to get the word out that you’re in business. Some make-up artists take the vlogging route or start a YouTube channel which are also brilliant ideas. Just don’t discount the written word. Blogging for makeup artists is the way to go if you want your website to stand out from the crowd.

If you’ve gone the video route, you can always use these videos in your blog posts. Get them transcribed and voila, a blog post is created. This way you make the most of your material and can easily search engine optimise your website. It is important to get traffic back to your website, where you can talk in detail about your products and services. You can also send people to other pages, such as price lists or booking forms.

When people look for you in search engines, you want your website to rank as high as possible so that people will check you out rather than the competition. Blogging is a brilliant way to achieve this.

Your blog posts can also include images, such as before and after shots, how-to sequences or pictures of the products you’re using. These will improve your search engine optimisation even further.

Try to stand out by providing something different to what others in your area are doing. With blogging for makeup artists, you can offer lots of good quality content in the form of tips and advice so that people are drawn to your business rather than someone else’s.

Blogging for makeup artists – content ideas

So, here are just a few ideas what you could write about on your blog:

  • General makeup tips.
  • Ideas for “special occasions” makeup.
  • Make-up tips for different age groups.
  • Covering up birth marks and blemishes (especially great with before and after shots).
  • Tips on waxing.
  • Product reviews.

Over to you

If you’re already blogging but are not sure whether you’re on the right track, you can contact me for a blog review. I will provide feedback on your blog as well as your website in general and give you tips on where you can improve even further plus content ideas specific to your industry. Simply email me at to find out more.

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