Blogging for Photographers – how to get more photography clients through blogging

Photographers are incredibly well suited to write blog posts for their business. You create regular content as part of your work – a few notes, some formatting and voila! You have a blog post ready to share.  Whenever I’m researching for blog topics I often find myself coming up with ideas that would work for photography professionals, so I thought I would pull them together in this blog.

The benefits of blogging for photographers

In just the same way as it can for other businesses, blogging will provide more traffic to your website through improved search rankings. It provides relevant content and regular updates as well as built in SEO (search engine optimisation) benefits when done well. All of these factors play a huge part in how well Google & Co rank your website.

This is enough reason on its own to consider adding blogging to your marketing strategy. Blogging also helps businesses owners to establish themselves as industry experts and can play an important part in building an email list.  It simply makes sense for any business to have blogging as part of their marketing strategy.

What about blogging for photographers in particular? Here are some industry specific benefits:

  • You get to show off your work: images are shared easily in blog posts, plus you can (and should) talk about how these particular images came about. Not many professions have the advantage of providing a product or service lends itself so well to being shared online.
  • Improve your local exposure: if you blog about photo-shoots in a particular geographical area, make sure you mention the area by name.  You can even do it by hashtag i.e. #Nottingham. Google picks up local references and will then show your blog in searches that include a local reference. Examples: “portrait photographers in Nottingham” or “wedding photographers near Derby” etc.
  • You’ll never be stuck for blog graphics. An image is a must in every blog post. It makes the blog more shareable on social media, makes it easier to read if used to break up text and makes the post look more appealing. As a photographer, you’ll never have to resort to stock images. You can use your own great quality pictures even if you’re not talking about that particular photo-shoot in the blog post.

Blogging for photographers – what to avoid

Most blogging no-nos such as bad grammar, typos or salesy tactics, apply to every business. Here are some blunders to avoid in particular:

  • Sporadic posts – one of the most important factors for successful blogging is consistency. If people come to your website to check you out and the last thing you posted was 2 years ago, they will start to wonder whether you are still trading!
  • Image only posts – some photographers will only post images, no description, no background. What you need to consider is: How does that help a potential client who is looking at your blog to find out more about both you and your work? Above all, Google can’t rank it! Make sure you provide some information about the photo you are featuring.  You could give a little background about the photo-shoot or perhaps describe issues you or your client experienced and say how you overcame them.
  • Posting only about photo shoots – Posting only about photo shoots – you can use blog posts to share so much more information than just what you have have been working on. What should people think about to create the best possible environment and get the most amazing pictures? Are there any questions people should ask before hiring a photographer? You can answer frequently asked questions in depth – then you have somewhere to point people to the next time one of those questions come up.
  • Thinking that people will find your blog all on their own – blogging in itself will increase your traffic, but you can multiply that traffic hugely if you are proactive and share every blog post on social media. This is especially true when you’re first starting out. Don’t be afraid to share an article more than once. Keep sharing older, still relevant posts, to keep driving traffic to them. This has the added benefit that you won’t run out of things to share on social media.
  • Uploading high-resolution images – this can really slow down the speed at which your website loads, i.e. how quickly it is visible in someone’s browser. Slow loading sites are a real turn-off for many people and they will abandon looking at the site altogether. As long as an image is clear and unpixelated then lower resolution images are more than acceptable for your website.

Over to you

If you’re not blogging yet, I hope to have convinced you to start. The sooner the better. Blogging is not a short term game, it’s part of content marketing, the same as social media.  It is about establishing trust and showing that you’re an expert in your field, which takes time. Committing to regular blogging will produce a great return in the long run.

And if you would like to learn all about blogging for your business, so that you too can make the most out of this powerful marketing tool, please get in touch. Email me at and we’ll schedule a chat. If you’re local (around Nottingham in the UK) we’ll have a coffee; if you’re further afield we’ll make our own coffees and chat via Skype or telephone.

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