How Blogging can supercharge your other marketing activities

In last week’s blog post, we discussed the importance of having a large variety of marketing activities to bring sales into your business, rather than just relying on one or two different types.  This week, I’m going one step further and am going to show you just how blogging can really supercharge your marketing strategy!

A well written blog is the lynch pin of the activities you use to get in front of potential customers.  Let’s have a look at just how blogging can be such a big influence on your marketing.

blogging influences marketing activities


Social Media

Blogging provides Social Media with lots of content to talk about and share. It also gives your posts a very valid reason to link back to your website, without relying on sales messages.

List Building/Email Marketing

You can place a “Call To Action” (CTA) in your blog post, encouraging your reader to sign up to your mailing list. They may be tempted to do this either to receive more advice, to be notified about upcoming blog posts or perhaps to receive a content upgrade, a downloadable document related to the blog post, like a cheat sheet or other template.

When you come to regularly emailing your list, you always have valuable content to share by adding a link to your latest blog posts.


Want a reason to get in touch with someone you just met at a networking event? Send them a link to your latest blog post or any other blog post that is relevant to the conversation you had with them.


A blog brings a website to life. Google loves regular, relevant content updates and that is exactly what blogging provides. It puts your search engine optimisation on steroids.


In marketing terms, this is a step-by-step system that leads your website visitors to spend money with you. A blog post with a valuable free content upgrade (a lead magnet) could be the perfect starting point for your funnel.


You can use blogging to build up excitement for your event. Or you can let people know how well the event went with photos and videos, so they don’t want to miss out on the next one.


Advertising that sends traffic to your website, in particular Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, will only work well if there is valuable content on the website that your audience can and want to engage with. Blogging provides that valuable content.

As you can see, far from being a stand-alone marketing activity, blogging can strengthen and positively influence a whole host of activities that would be less effective without it.

Over to you

Are you blogging yet? If not, I hope this week’s blog post has shown you that blogging is more than “a nice to have”, it should form an integral part in the marketing activities for your business.

If you need help getting started, why not download my complimentary 10 Step Guide to setting up your business blog?

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