3 top blogging trends for your business in 2019

Blogging has been around in one form or another since the beginning of the internet. But blogging as an effective marketing tool only started to take off a few years ago. So, how can you take your business blogging to the next level in 2019? What are the blogging trends to look out for?

Video, video, video

More and more blogs incorporate video and it is only getting more popular. People’s attention spans can be changeable, but that doesn’t affect their desire to consume content, just the format that they prefer it in – at the moment the type of content most people would like to consume is going more and more towards video.

You can take advantage by embedding videos into your blog posts. YouTube is the second largest search engine at this point in time (2018) and they are owned by Google. And Google loves to see their products used on websites, which will be rewarded by better search rankings. This means you can upload your videos into YouTube, then embed the video into your blog post and Google will love you for it. This shows through improved search engine optimisation, i.e. you’ll be ranking higher in the search results.

The video can either be the whole story (where your blog post is basically the transcription of the video) or a short excerpt or teaser for people to read the whole story. That’s up to you.

Longer blog posts are becoming more popular

It seems to be a bit of a contradiction to the video trend, but longer posts are becoming more and more popular. Google ranks long form posts (over 1000 words) well, as they satisfy their “valuable, relevant content” requirement.

To do well in search engines, you will need to produce regular updates to your website, providing relevant content. You can achieve the “regular” bit by blogging at set intervals, such as weekly or fortnightly. The relevant content comes from providing expert insights into your industry, providing help and advice around your subject. And the more the better.

Don’t worry about giving away too much content, though. Always consider your readers as potential clients or customers. When they read your post you want them thinking: ”If their free content is this good, how amazing is their paid work going to be?”

Blogging trends go towards story telling

Being able to tell a good story has always been an asset for anyone, whether in business or privately, since the dawn of mankind. Good story tellers have always been sought after, whether that’s round a campfire or in the boardroom. What will you remember more easily, a bunch of facts and figures or a gripping story? The answer is obvious.

This is why story telling works so well in marketing. We get invested in a good story line and start rooting for the characters. Stories get us engaged and interested. And you can use story telling in your blogging.

You can write case studies in the form of stories, to user the traditional myth format, your company is the “hero” who rescues the “damsel in distress” (your client) from the “monster” (their problem that you solved for them).

Open any article with an interesting opening paragraph, then tell your story and finish with a strong conclusion. Whatever you’re writing about, if done well, that’s story telling.

Over to you

How are you going to incorporate these trends into your blogging in the coming months?

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