Blogging vs Social Media

When you first set up your business you go through a very steep learning curve. Online marketing is only one of the things to wrap your head around and with all the terminology buzzing around it can be tricky to figure out what’s what. So today I thought I’d clear up one of the areas that might cause some confusion – blogging vs social media. The question is: Why should I blog if I’m already on social media and isn’t a blog the same thing as an update anyway?

I’m on social media – do I need a blog?

When you’re on social media, you’re on someone else’s turf. If you’re active on Facebook, you’re on Mark Zuckerberg’s (and his shareholders’) website. You are posting updates on “foreign land” so to speak. If Facebook decide to mess with things (and they often do) they will show your updates to more or fewer people and you have absolutely no control over that. And if Twitter suddenly decide they’re no longer making enough money, they might just shut down the site and all your content is gone.

Now I’m not advising you to stop posting on social media. On the contrary! Just be aware that you’re doing it on their terms, not on yours.

If you have a blog on your website, however, you’re on your own territory. It’s your web domain, you make the rules. You can write as much or as little content as you want, about any subject you want (within legal limits, of course) and add as many pictures or videos as you feel like. Your website is the place where people come to check you out, to find out what you have to offer. And it is here where you should build up your position as an expert.

You want to use social media to send people to your website. You can use social media to advertise but ultimately you always want them to come to your website to find out more, to book, to buy.

Blogging vs Social Media Update

An update on social media is usually short and sweet, maybe with a picture or video. On your website you can use blog posts to go into detail, to give people deeper insights into working with you, showcase client stories and give tips and advice. Blog posts are usually 400 – 600 words long which gives you a lot more room to properly explain what you are all about, as a person and as a business.

In a previous blog article, I explained why your business needs a blog. Establishing yourself as an expert is only one of the resons. Only a blog can give you the added benefit of increased SEO (search engine optimisation), more traffic, etc.

Also: “blogging is for life, not just for …” – a blog post stays on your website for ever, you can keep sending people to it, it’s evergreen. A social media update is usually there for a short period and gets superseded quickly with all the other updates that are made by yourself and everyone else. And try finding that update you posted a couple of months ago on Facebook, it’s close to impossible.

So to sum up: use blogging to create valuable content that lives on your website and use social media to send people to that content. That is probably the best advice I can give you on this topic in a nutshell.

Use blogging to create valuable content and use social media to send people to that content. Click To Tweet

Over to you

If you need help getting starting with your blogging, please get in touch. I help small businesses getting their blogs started with training and advice. And if it’s all too much, then I can even write the blog articles for you. Simply email me at .

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jordan turner
4 years ago

Awesome way of thinking! i didn’t even know social media post are short lived. Well thats a lie i knew posting on fb groups your post doesn’t stay, but is this the same for a page you make for your website?

Isi Dixon
Isi Dixon
4 years ago
Reply to  jordan turner

Thanks for the comment! Yes, the posts will not stay in newsfeeds for long. You can still access them on your page if you scroll down (unless FB decides to delete them, which has happened to me and some of my clients) but if you post a lot you need to do a lot of scrolling. And there’s no search function for posts.