Blogging vs Vlogging – which should your business invest in?

As a blogging specialist, you’re probably expecting me to make a case for blogging rather than vlogging for your business. But it’s not as clear cut as that. There are many advantages for either technique and I’ll give you an overview of both. Spoiler: in the case of blogging vs vlogging there is no real winner.

Let’s start with some definitions:

Blogging: regular written updates, ideally posted right there on your website on a dedicated page (the blog page).

Vlogging: video updates created on a regular basis. These can be uploaded directly onto your website or “embedded” so that they appear on your website while being hosted on a dedicated video platform such as YouTube. Vlogging stands for “video blogging”.


The main advantage you get from blogging is probably benefits is has for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). Websites with a regularly updated blog, will rank much better on search engines than static, unchanging websites. Ask any web designer or web developer if you don’t believe me that blogging is super important for SEO.

Another advantage is the ease of updates. Should anything change you can simply update your blog post by editing the text, inserting an up-to-date graphic, etc. (Make sure you note somewhere in the post that it has been updated, ideally with a date added.)

You don’t need any expensive kit, no matter how advanced your blog gets, just the time to write the your posts. You’ll also need to be able to write well, of course. It is your decision what tone of voice you choose, there’s no need to write in a “corporate” and “sophisticated” tone unless that’s the business image you’re going for.


The main advantage of using video to convey your message, is that people really get to know you quickly. You are speaking to them directly on a regular basis. If you use direct to camera video, your potential customers can start to form a relationship with you, even before they have met you in person.

By uploading your videos to YouTube, you are submitting your content to the 2nd largest search engine (Google being the largest, of course). This can really boost your reach immensely.

You can also easily share your videos to most social media platforms where your video content will often be more engaging than if you simply post text or even text with image.

At the beginning it is absolutely okay to start with video capture on your smartphone. You only want to invest in a more expensive camera or professional video once you know this is the platform you want to concentrate on.

Blogging vs vlogging – which should your business choose?

Ideally your business should be doing both. Regular written content on your website will boost your search engine ranking more than anything else, but that shouldn’t stop you from adding a video to every blog post.

One option may be to record a video and upload it to YouTube (or Vimeo or similar), then have it transcribed and added as a blog post to your website. In addition, embed the video from YouTube so that people who prefer watching to reading have that option right there on your website as well. Two birds, one stone.

Over to you

If you would like to find out how you can combine vlogging and blogging for your business, why not get in touch. Email me at and we can discover how you can achieve your business goals through blogging/vlogging.

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