Check out this invaluable Twitter tool

Check out this invaluable Twitter tool

You have probably been tweeting for a while and would like to analyse your Twitter activities.

For instance: Ever wondered which hashtags you use most? Or how about which of your tweets were favourited the most? Or which users retweet your tweets the most? These and many other questions can be answered simply and efficiently by using a great tool: Twitonomy.

When you get to their website simply sign in with your Twitter profile and you are presented with a screen that lets you analyse your profile. Simply click on “Analyse a Twitter Profile” (your Twitter handle should already appear below that) and you see which tweets did the best, what time of day you tweet most often and which weekdays you tweet more than others. All the information is there in easy to understand graphs and useful lists.

Want to know how you are doing with regards to retweets and @mentions? Head over to the “Mentions and RTs” tab and find out which tweets had the most retweets and by whom and who mentioned you most.

And the best bit: you are not only able to do all that for your own account but for any Twitter account. You can analyse your clients, potential and existing as well as your competition, or if you feel like it, celebrity accounts, whether you follow them or not.

Twitonomy is an invaluable tool to find out Twitter habits and interactions of your target audience as well as of your competitors.

And the good news is that everything I mentioned here, plus much more, is doable in the free version. The paid version lets you go much deeper into the analytics, but in my opinion most users will find the free version sufficient for their needs.

All that remains to say is: go check it out, and enjoy!

PS: This is not a sponsored article. I found Twitonomy through a recommendation myself and wanted to share it here because it is incredibly useful.

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5 years ago

Awesome stuff, thank you for sharing

Isi Dixon
Isi Dixon
5 years ago
Reply to  Sara

You’re welcome, Sara. 🙂