What is Cornerstone Content?

When speaking to people dealing with content creation, they often talk about the importance of creating Cornerstone Content. But what is that? I have found a short video by Copyblogger which can explain it much better and more succinctly than I can, so I thought it would be best to share the video with you. Here it is now.

In short, Cornerstone Content are the pages that hold the most important information on your website. They are the pages and posts you always refer to and link to. They are the foundation of your business website.

In WordPress, you can mark your pages as Cornerstone Content with the help of the Yoast SEO plugin. Make sure that you only choose a few pages. They will be ranked higher in Google, as they are seen as higher quality and more relevant.

Over to you

What is the cornerstone of your website? What are the pages you most link to? Which pages hold the most relevant, most informative information? Check on each of your pages that you have defined as cornerstone content that they are marked as such. You can find the settings at the bottom of your Yoast SEO plugin.

If you need help creating your Cornerstone Content, or your blog posts in general, why not get in touch? I provide blog writing services as well as business blogging training. Email me at isi@wellorganised.org and we can set up a chat to discuss how I can best help you to reach your business goals through blogging. Or pop over to check out my online business blogging course Business Blogging Made Easy.


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