Creating evergreen content for your blog

Your blog content is ideally a mixture of the latest and greatest within your industry as well as evergreen articles that are as valid today as they will be in a month or 5 years down the line. There are many reasons you want to be seen creating evergreen content for your blog.

Evergreen content is the type of content people keep coming back to. These are the types of articles that people use to help others out with and send links to in emails. “You wanted to know about x – here is a great article about this.”

Evergreen articles are often aimed at beginners; they explain the basics or the background of a topic.  These articles might explain jargon by providing a glossary, for instance. They can also give you historical insights into an industry or a particular topic.

Customer testimonials or client success stories also make great blog posts with long term value. How you have helped a client in the past is not going to change, but it makes a great story to tell any prospective clients who might be in a similar situation.

Do you collect FAQs? Answer them and you have a perfect case of evergreen content. Your frequently asked questions might change a bit over the years as your business evolves but some of the basic questions will probably stay the same.

As you can see, evergreen content is the type of content people will always be interested in.

Which types of blog posts are not evergreen?

Blog posts about industry trends do not fall into the evergreen categories, as these are usually short lived. The same goes for news posts or articles that rely heavily on statistical data which will be superseded regularly.

You also have to watch out for articles that are related to fashion or technological gadgets. They will become outdated quite quickly.

What is the advantage to creating evergreen content?

Blog posts are a brilliant source for social media content as they give you a legitimate reason to send people to your website without being salesy. The advantage of evergreen posts is that you can reshare them again and again.

You can only share news posts, trend articles, etc. for a short period of time before they become outdated. During that time they are highly valuable, of course. So don’t stop writing them!

Evergreen content stays valuable for longer. You can continue to drive traffic to your website for months and years to come.

Over to you

Do you have a mix of evergreen and latest trend on your blog? If not, make sure to mix it up a bit. And if you have been creating evergreen content on your blog, keep resharing these valuable articles to make the most of them.

This is only one of the many strategies I teach when working with my blogging clients.
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