Discover the Power of Pinterest for Your Business

Pinterest is a great Social Media tool. You can spend ages on it looking at lovely things, it’s very visual and there are pins (images) for any interest. It’s more than just attractive to look at, it’s also very effective as a business marketing tool. Pinterest for business can make a real difference to your bottom line.

Originally, only businesses who had beautiful items to sell saw the potential of Pinterest, but more and more businesses find that it works for most industries, even the service industry.

Here are 3 compelling reasons why you should be using Pinterest for your business

  1. Pinterest for Business converts more browsers to buyers than any other social media

    If people browsing Pinterest see something they like they are more likely to click and buy than using Facebook or Twitter, therefore increasing conversion rates.

  2. Pinterest drives lots of traffic to websites

    Whether you provide products or services, if you display compelling product images or infographics people will click through to your business website. Users get almost addicted to Pinterest so once you create a follower, they will always see your new content.

  3. Every pin creates an inbound link to your website

    Inbound links are still very desirable even if other SEO factors constantly change and with every pin you create from your website, another link is formed.

If you need some inspiration how businesses selling services use Pinterest, think about useful information you have to share and create infographics and memes around that information. These are highly shareable on Social Media in general and do really well on Pinterest. Just make sure that each image links to a relevant page on your website for when people click through.

Pinterest also integrates seamlessly with other social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter so your pins can automatically be shared.

Taking all this into account, how about making Pinterest one of your marketing tools?
If you need any help setting up your Pinterest for Business profile or any training on how to use this fantastic marketing tool get in touch.

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