My Favourite Resources for Royalty Free Images

Getting the right images is a vital part for the success of your blogging and social media. Used correctly they enhance SEO for your blog. And images make every social media post a lot more sharable. You can use your own images, especially if you’re into photography or if you’re a graphic artist. Or you can pay for stock images from reputable sources such as istockphoto or fotolia. Under no circumstances should you do a simple Google image search. Chances are very high that you will use someone else’s pictures to which you have no copyright and you are breaking the law by using them for commercial purposes. You have to look for royalty free images.

Royalty Free Images

There is an alternative, however. You can find some of the websites that offer free of charge royalty free images that have no copyright attached to them.


One of these websites is Pixabay. It works through everyone contributing to the site. Once you have signed up (for free) you can then upload your own images, photos, illustrations and even video clips. The quality restrictions are very high which results in a very high image quality for the users. Pixabay is my go-to image source and I would be quite lost without it. I have already contributed a few images myself and will continue to do so in the future to support this amazing platform.

To download images from Pixabay you choose the image you need, then select an image size from the menu. Small sizes can be just downloaded, medium sizes require a captcha and for all other sizes need you to be signed up. But once you are signed in, you can simply download all the size without any further steps. The files are downloaded into your “Downloads” folder.

Creative Commons

Another great resource is Creative Commons. This is a collection of royalty free image sites (including Pixabay) that make searching for free images easier. If Pixabay doesn’t provide what I’m after, I will then look through some of the sites in Creative Commons.

Over to you

Do you have a favourite royalty free image site that I haven’t mentioned? Why not leave a comment and share it with us? And if you found this article useful please use one of the share buttons to share it to your favourite social media platform. Thank you! 🙂

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Carol Brooks
Carol Brooks
3 years ago

I use morguefile a lot

3 years ago

Please add to the list.