Should you use one of the free blogging platforms for your business?

Again and again, I come across business owners who have a website and they have a blog but the two aren’t linked. They are using one of the free blogging platforms for their blog. This means they are missing out on several huge benefits of blogging. These are traffic generation, SEO benefits for their business website, and user friendliness for their readers to interact with their main website.

In short, your blog should live on your website, on a dedicated blog page. And when you create a new blog post, the software then creates a new page for each new blog post. This in turn, increases the size of your website every time you blog, which creates another page of your website for Google & Co to rank.

If you blog on another website, you also have to remember to link each blog post back to your own website. You then rely on your readers to click on the links so that you get the traffic back to your website. If that blog was right there on your website, the traffic would be yours already. You also better be really good at writing persuasive calls to action to maximise those click throughs.

If your readers want to find out more about your company or the products or services you sell, they would simply look at the menu bar and find the relevant page. If your blog is somewhere else they can’t do that. Are they really going to bother with searching for relevant links or are they going to abandon the idea? You might have just lost out on potential leads by not running your blog directly on your website.

But what about free blogging platforms?

There are lots of articles out there which will advise you which of the free blogging platforms to use. Don’t. Use. Any. As a business, the only place you should even consider having your blog is on your website. Of course, you have to make sure your website is able to host a blog page. If it isn’t, then it’s probably time to choose a platform that can accommodate a blog.

And this is not just my opinion. Any good web designer will always recommend that you run a blog, right there on your website. They want you to succeed and attract lots of traffic to your website. It makes them look better, if your website is successful and you are more likely to recommend them to potential customers.

My recommendation would be WordPress. Yes, they have a free platform and that is great if you run a hobby blog, such as travel or recipes, etc. But they also offer great templates for a full blown business website and many web designers use WordPress for their clients. The thing I really like about WordPress is how user-friendly it is. It’s very easy to make simple text changes yourself and to add blog posts.

Over to you

If you’re still using one of the free blogging platforms for your business blog, seriously consider to move your blog across to your website. Speak to your web designer about how to do this. There will most likely be a cost involved but it’s worth the investment. It will improve your web traffic and with that you can increase your lead generation and ultimately your sales.

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