Gather fresh ideas for content through polls or surveys

Running out of ideas for your blogging? Why not let your audience do the heavy lifting for you and give you some topics they want to know more about? You can do this quite easily by creating polls or surveys in the sidebar of your website.

If you’re running a WordPress website, you can easily achieve this by using one of the many available plugins.

If you’re using a tool such as SurveyMonkey (which is free to use in its basic form), you can choose to either add a link to the survey/poll which will take you to their website or you can embed the whole questionnaire directly on your website. The free version provides you with questionnaires up to 10 questions and you can collect up to 100 replies. This is usually enough for most businesses. Imagine getting 100 ideas for blog topics! Brilliant!

You can ask open questions, inviting people to give you their ideas such as “if you had one question you would like to ask me about [your subject area], what would it be?”

If you have some ideas but are not sure which ones to write about, you can let people pick their favourites. Let them choose one or more of your options.

How to get more answers from your polls or surveys

Sharing a link to the poll on Social Media can also help to drive extra traffic to your website and people who are interested can get really involved in your content creation. This will then, in turn, make them more likely to share said content giving you a greater reach.

Over to you

You can make a mini survey a permanent feature in your sidebar. This means every time people come to your website they are invited to ask you their most burning questions.

Are you more likely to create a poll or a survey? Let me know in the comments.

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