Get Twitter Basics Right

When you first start out on a new Social Media platform it is easy to just want to start. Now. Don’t bother with all the setting up. But to run a successful Social Media campaign you need to get the basics right. This is true for Twitter, just like for any other platform.

Your profile together with your tweets is creating your brand, your image and your identity on Twitter. To make a good impact, I recommend you adhere to the following:

Here are the 3 top tips to get your basics right:

1.     Complete your profile

Having major gaps in your profile does not contribute to portraying a professional image. You want to take the time to complete all relevant sections and let people know what you do, and where you do it. Display a web address where people can contact you and find out more about your business. In the Twitter profile description you can also make use of #hashtags. Use this technique to highlight the main keywords you want to be known for, but don’t go overboard and hashtag every word. This will make your profile look spammy.

2.     A suitable profile picture

If you are tweeting as an individual, use a professional head shot, or a good head and shoulder portrait. You want to be recognisable. Ideally you use the same image across all your Social Media platforms.

If you are tweeting as your brand, a good quality image of your logo will also work.

Don’t use blurred or unclear images, pictures of your pet or a celebrity and definitely nothing rude or defamatory. If you’re using Twitter professionally these can really damage your reputation.

3.     A branded header

Twitter also gives you a large area of space for showing more about yourself, known as the header. It is the large image area at the top of your profile page. Make the most of this space and use this prime real estate well by creating a branded header image that can show more of what you do. You can either create one yourself by using free software such as Canva or speak to your graphic designer who will be happy to produce a suitable image for your profile.

Bonus Tip:

Make sure your information is the same across all platforms

One thing your reputation depends on is the accuracy of the information you provide. Double check that every time you provide your phone number, email address, website, physical address and any other data you choose to share, you give the same information across all platforms. If anything changes, don’t just change the platform you use most often, but change all platforms your have created for your business. You want to portray a consistent image that shows attention to detail.

If you have any questions regarding setting up your Twitter account or want any help with it, why not get in touch. Email me at

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