What the heck is blogging language

When starting out with your business blog, you’ll want to decide what kind of language you are going to use in your blog posts. Are your articles going to be of a formal nature, or will you write in a more friendly, chatty nature? Your blogging language is simply the way you’re writing.

How to decide on your blogging language

This decision depends mostly on your business and your general style. If your business is very formal, such as a law firm or maybe accountants, you might want to keep if formal. If, on the other hand, your business is cake making or health and beauty you might choose a more relaxed language. But there are no hard and fast rules for this.

You might be a funky accountant or a make-up artist with a very formal style, it’s up to you. Everything goes when it comes to the type of language you use for your business blog. The only thing I would recommend, be consistent.

The language you use for your blog is part of your brand. Click To Tweet

The language you use for your blog is part of your brand. And just like you wouldn’t constantly change the colour of your logo, you don’t want to constantly change how you come across in your blogging. It confuses people. Your audience wants to feel comfortable that you are who you say you are, and changing your blogging language all the time will not allow them to get to know you.

You have probably heard the saying that people like to buy from people who they know, like and trust. Being consistent in your messaging and your language can help that process along.

For more tips about blogging language and blogging style, check out this previous article What is the best blogging style for a business blog.

Over to you

Make a decision about your blogging language early on and stick with it. Unless you completely rebrand your business, stick with your language once you’ve settled on a certain style.

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Stuart Carter
5 years ago

Interesting. I chose a blogging language and struggled to write any blogs (like 1 per month was tough). Then I decided to just go with it and write naturally… now on a blog a day.

I guess that is still a _choice_. The choice to match my blog’s language to my own. And when more people are in the business with me, they’ll need to alter their language to suit.

Sounds reasonable?

Isi Dixon
Isi Dixon
5 years ago
Reply to  Stuart Carter

Hi Stuart, thanks for your comment. 🙂
This sounds exactly right. Write in a style that comes naturally to you and your business. And yes, others will have to follow suit. It’s your business after all. 😉