How Blogging for Tourism Can Make a Huge Difference

Whether you run a hotel, or you are responsible for the tourism in your town or region, blogging for tourism is an essential marketing tool. Think about it. Do you really want the only information about your town on the web to be an entry in Wikipedia? Or do you want the only information people can find about your hotel to be on TripAdvisor or I think not. You want to show your destination in the best possible light, give details about what’s available and the history of the place. You can do all that in detail right there on your website in a regular blog.

Blogging and tourism are about story telling

Travel is all about story telling. People love to hear about adventures people have had on holiday. And blogging is a brilliant story telling tool. You can write about people’s experiences at your destination.

Use pictures. Images work really well in blog posts. They break up text and make your blog posts easier to digest. They can also show your destination in the perfect light.

You can use customer testimonials as inspiration or get travel bloggers to guest blog on your website. They’ll appreciate the extra exposure and you get great content for your website. Win – win!

Blogging for tourism is a powerful SEO tool

This is, of course, true for more than tourism. Blogging is one of the best tool in your efforts to hack Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Google & Co rank website highly that are:

  1. Full of relevant content
  2. Visited by people who stay and read (or watch) what’s presented
  3. Updated regularly
  4. Linked to from relevant sources

Blogging can help with all of the above. It provides regular, relevant content updates. You can include videos, images and even audio clips to keep people engaged. You can also use guest posts on other relevant industry sites to link back to your website.

Web traffic is of huge importance and blogging is probably the best tool to increase your traffic in the long term without paying out huge sums for pay-per-click advertising.

Over to you

As you can see, blogging for tourism is an invaluable marketing tool in the your industry for a variety of reasons. If you want to get started now, why not download my complimentary 10 Step Guide to set up your business Blog. If you would like further help, please don’t hesitate to get in touch to find out how you can grow your business through blogging..


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