How to Craft Compelling Blog Headlines

Did you know that 80% of your blog readers never read past the headline? That’s why the headline is probably the most important part of your blog post. Your content can be stunning, outstanding, exceptionally wonderful, but without a well crafted headline, nobody will know because no-one is going to bother to read any of it.

Compare these two headlines:

  1. Good Diet Advice
  2. Avoid these 5 types of food for a flatter stomach

Be honest, which of these articles would you be more likely to read?

On average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy

This means only one in five people are going to read on after they have read your headline. You can increase this ratio significantly by making your headlines more inviting. Would you have carried on reading this blog if the title was “write better headlines”? Probably not. You didn’t have a reason to read on. You probably think your headlines are fine, but you shouldn’t be happy with “fine”. You want your headlines to be as outstanding as your content, so that people will get to that amazing content that you’ve created.

Your headline is the article’s call to action

You’ve heard about CTAs (Calls to Action). These are the things that tell the reader what to do next. Often it is: “Leave a comment”, “Sign up for our newsletter” or “Buy now”. Your headline is the clear invitation to read on, that’s what you want people to do after they’ve read your headline. If they see the headline displayed in Google or on social media, the call to action must be “click me to read the rest of this article”. And that’s your headline’s job.

Some formulas that work

So, what works with headlines and titles? Here are a few proven formulas that deliver time after time.

  • How to …
  • [#number] [what the topic is] secrets revealed
  • [#number] compelling reasons why you should …
  • What experts won’t tell you about …
  • The [#number] biggest … mistakes you can easily avoid

There are many more. Simply Google “proven headline formulas” and you will find many great blog posts about this very topic. Here is a link to a website that helps you create winning headlines: Title Generator.

What can you do next?

Go through your existing blog posts and check your titles, see how inviting they are and whether you think they encourage people to read on. If you feel they are a bit lacking, you can make some changes, re-post them on Social Media and see whether your click through rate goes up.

For every new article you write, come up with at least 3 title ideas (or more if you have the time). Then pick the one that appeals most to you, that you would be most likely to read if you came across it somewhere else.

Over to you

Have you written any blog titles that have done better than average? Share them in the comments.

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