How to Create a Blog Plan

So, you’ve decided that you want to give blogging a go – that it’s a good  way to reach your audience and drive traffic to your website.  Now you need to decide what to blog about and how often. You want to create an interesting and engaging blog that talks about more than the same thing week in, week out, you want to mix it up a little.  You need a “Blogging Plan”.

Here are some ideas of how to structure your blog plan and make it easier for yourself to come up with different blogging ideas that will interest the audience you want to engage with.



First up, how often should you blog? The answer is: it depends. It depends on what works for you. You definitely don’t have to blog daily unless you are a media company and need to update the world with news or if you’re a professional blogger and updating people on a particular subject is what you do for a living. For everyone else, anything between monthly and twice a week is fine. The more often you blog, the better off you are – so it’s good to start with a system or plan to help you decide what to write.

So how can you structure your blog plan?

Let’s say you have decided to post weekly. You could take all your products/services and group them together into logical topic areas. Then simply list them in a spreadsheet, create weekly dates across the top and match each topic to a week. Voila, done. The outcome could look something like this:

blog planWith weekly posts you also want to create a 5th week’s content. Some months have 5 weeks and if you don’t want that to throw you out of sync with your rhythm, create a topic that doesn’t need a monthly update, but is still relevant to your business.

And now happy blogging!

P.S. Should you have any questions about this topic, please get in touch via email or simply leave a comment below.

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