How to Create Inviting Blog Titles by Using the “How To” Formula

Crafting compelling blog titles is hugely important. Without a good blog title, people are not inclined to read your full copy and all that creative effort that you put into writing it will be wasted. All the research you did will have been for nothing, just because your title wasn’t up to scratch. You don’t want to be in that position. In a previous article (How to Craft Compelling Blog Headlines) we have already talked about this and covered some title creation basics.

Today, I would like to delve a little deeper into one particular technique that works extremely well with blog titles: the “How To” Formula. “How To” posts are very popular – the title indicates that you are about to teach the reader something –  and one of the most popular reasons why people read blogs, is because they want to learn more about a subject. There is more to this technique than meets to eye, however and there are lots of different ways you can apply the “How To”.

A selection of 10 “How To” templates with example blog titles

  • How to __
    i.e. How to create stunning blog graphics
  • How to __ like ___
    i.e. How to create spectacular blog graphics like a pro
  • How to __ even if ___
    i.e. How to create beautiful blog graphics even if you don’t have an art degree
  • How to __ and ___
    i.e. How to create dazzling blog graphics and save money
  • How to __ without ___
    i.e. How to create gorgeous blog graphics without expensive software
  • How to use __ to__
    i.e. How to create exciting blog graphics to increase engagement
  • How to __ in [#] easy steps
    i.e. How to create eye-catching blog graphics in 3 easy steps
  • How to [have or build] a _____ you can be proud of
    i.e. How to build a library of blog graphics you can be proud of
  • How to ___ – The [Beginner’s/Expert] Guide
    i.e. How to create stunning blog graphics – The Beginner’s Guide
  • How to ___ the easy way
    i.e. How to create engaging blog graphics – the easy way

Remember to make it exciting by using powerful adjectives that convey the feeling of the article. You want people to read on.

PS: I’d better write an article about creating blog graphics soon! 😉

Over to you

Have you used the “How To” formula to create blog titles and what has been your experience with it? Please leave a comment.

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