How to create more social media content using the news

Creating new content can be challenging, especially when you’ve written for a while and you think you’ve covered everything already. But fear not, there is a source of content that’s constantly changing, constantly updating, supplying you with a never ending source of new ideas. The news.

Whether it’s a royal engagement, the budget or some scandal from the world of entertainment, with a little bit of thinking you can almost use any bit of news to your advantage. Of course, you want to make sure it’s tasteful and relevant.

Here are some examples I recently found, where, in my opinion, marketers have got it just right.

Zayn Malik left boy band One Direction

Here’s what Jobsite UK made of it:

Jobsite UK

And here’s how Closer Magazine suggests you deal with the loss of a band member

Closer Magazine

Even Pukka Pies joined in the fun.

Pukka Pies

How about the Jeremy Clarkson story? Here’s how Snickers responded to his major faux pas:


And then there’s politics of course. As it’s that time of the year, the budget is being talked about. Here’s what SunLife Insurance did to increase engagement with a topical subject.

Sun Life

As you can see there are many different ways you can use the news in your content creation. All it needs is a bit of lateral thinking and creativity. Have fun with this!

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