How to include a video in WordPress

You really don’t need to be a technical genius to upload a video in WordPress. There are basically 2 options. You can either upload the video itself into your WordPress website or you can embed a YouTube video. I will explain what the differences are and how to execute both ways.

Uploading a video in WordPress

Uploading the video means including the video file into your website. This can be an mp4, wav or other video file. The file becomes part of the website and will take up some memory space on your host’s server. If you only have a limited number of mega- or gigabytes available, you’re probably better of embedding a YouTube video. I’ll explain below what that means.

  1. To upload a video, hover over the Media link in your dashboard, then click the Add New link that appears next to it. Alternatively click on Media, then click on Add New.
    add a video in WordPress
  2. You will be presented with the Upload New Media Screen. Click on the button Select Files.
    select files
  1. You then have to find the folder where you keep the video you want to upload, click on it to select it, then click Open.
    find file
  1. If at this point you get an error message, saying the file is too large, consider embedding the video (see below) or speak to your web host whether they can increase the Maximum Upload File Size for you.
  2. Once the video file is uploaded, the little Edit link appears on the right.
  3. You can now insert the video file into your blog post (or onto a page). Simply position your cursor where you want to add the video. Then click the Add Media button above the formatting toolbar.
    add media
  4. Click on Create Video Playlist on the left, then select the video(s) you want to include. Then click Create New Video Playlist. (Don’t just select the video file. The video will only play directly on the page if you’ve created a video playlist, even if the playlist consists of only 1 video.)
    create video playlist
  5. Click Insert Video Playlist. You’re all done.

Embedding a YouTube video in WordPress

Embedding a YouTube video means that a bit of code is added to your website that shows a YouTube video directly on your website. You can play, pause, view full screen, just like you would on YouTube itself. The video is still stored on YouTube, but with the bit of code you get a player added that links directly to YouTube.

If you want to insert your own videos you need a YouTube channel. You can get this simply by creating a YouTube account. If you already have one, simply find the Upload button at the top of the page and upload your videos to YouTube. You can mark them Unlisted, but don’t mark them Private, or you won’t be able to embed them.

The simplest way to embed a YouTube video in WordPress is to insert the YouTube URL into the post. Click To Tweet

The simplest way to embed the video on your post or page is to copy/paste the URL (web address) that links directly to your video – the page where you can view your video on YouTube – and paste it wherever you want the video to appear on your page. After a couple of seconds the link will turn into a video player and you are done. This is the easiest way to embed a YouTube video in WordPress.

Using the YouTube Embed Code

If you want a little bit more control over how the video player behaves on your page (whether it shows suggested videos after yours is finished or how big the player is, for instance) then you need to find the embed code on YouTube.

  1. To do that, navigate to your video page, then scroll down a little so you can see the Share button. Click on it.
    YT share
  2. This gives you all the sharing options. Click on Embed and then on Show More just below the code box.
    embed show more
  3. You now see a preview of how the player will look on your website plus all the available options below including the size of the player. Click the boxes of the ones you want to activate. The embed code above will take all your choices into account. When you’re done, you can copy the code and paste it into your blog post or page.
    YT options
  4. To do that you triple click (3 fast clicks – like a double click, but 3, not 2) onto the code above the preview – this will highlight the whole line of code. Then use the keyboard shortcut ctrl and c (both buttons together) to copy, open your WordPress page or post, click on the Text tab, position your cursor in the place where you want the video to appear and use another keyboard shortcut ctrl and v (again both buttons together) to paste the embed code. Then click back onto the Visual tab (right next to the Text tab) and the player will appear.
    embed code for YT video in WordPress

The Text tab is where all your HTML code hides, don’t worry about this. You normally work in the Visual tab, and the code behind is hidden. You have to paste the embed code on the Text tab, there is no other way. If you paste it on the Visual tab, all you’ll see in your blog post is the code, not what it stands for.

Over to you

This all sounds a bit complex, but if you follow the instructions step by step you will be ok. And once you’ve done this a couple of time, you’ll feel like a pro.

And to make life even easier, here is a link to a YouTube video that I recorded recently. It shows the embed process step by step. I chose not to embed it here, as this blog post is already full of images.

If you have any questions or problems with adding a video in WordPress, please get in touch. Simply leave a comment below, I’m happy to help.








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