How to “Purple Cow” your business

This week’s article is a bit off the wall. I was inspired by a video by Seth Godin I watched the other day. In it, Seth explains that to be successful in today’s noisy world, businesses have to offer something different and be the “purple cow”.

How the “Purple Cow” applies to your business

This is very relevant for content marketing in general and blogging in particular. Writing about the same thing as everyone else, will only get you ignored. Offer a different perspective, show how your business does things differently. What sets you apart from your competition? What do you want to draw attention to?

Seth tells this story: Imagine a long car journey. If you see a cow along the road, that’s not very remarkable. You probably won’t even notice it. But if the cow is purple, it becomes remarkable. You might even stop to have a closer look.

Before the rise of the internet it was safe to create a product that you knew millions of people would want. Today, safe is risky. Because if you’re trying to appeal to too wide a market, you’ll end up compromising your brilliant idea so far that it will appeal to no-one.

Find your niche. Appeal to the people who are “first adopters” and find ways to let them know about you and your products or services. They are the ones who are excited about new and interesting (read: different) offerings. They are also the ones who will tell their friends about it, spreading the word for you. In other words, they are the ones doing the marketing for you! So write your blog posts for them, address them in your social media posts. Or get into podcasting and spread the word that way. These people are your platform.

Over to you

So what’s different about your business? What’s your purple cow? Tell people about it in your blog posts as well as on social media. If nothing comes to mind, start thinking in different ways. What could you offer that would be different? How could you alter your service to really stand out? And if you are already quite different, embrace it and shout about it! Don’t try to market what’s already being done the same in every other offer out there.

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