Is there an ideal length for a blog post?

This is a true case of “ask 5 experts and get 7 different answers”. The ideal length for a blog post ranks from 300 to 2000+ words which is not really helpful.

If you were to Google this question (and I did for research purposes), you will get results ranging from anything above 300 to “the longer the better” (over 2000 if you can). And each of these experts has very good reasons for their answers. Their results are well researched and they have tons of data to prove their point. Here are the results of my research.

So, is there an ideal length for a blog post? The short answer is: not really.

Here’s how I have come to that conclusion. There is no real ideal length because people are different. Each blog has a different audience. What works for a tech blog is not going to work for a financial blog, and a lifestyle blog will be different again. And this means there is a different ideal length for a blog post for each genre and for each audience type.

Rule of thumb is that if most of your audience comes to your blog from social media, you will probably be better off with shorter blog posts. People who spend a lot of time on social media are used to consuming content in short bursts and will probably not have the patience (or the attention span) to read a 2000-word article.

On the other hand, if your readers are more used to reading longer form content (books, eBooks, meaty articles, etc.) then long form articles will work better for your blog.

If your article is really interesting, well written and it hits the perfect spot for your target audience, they will stay with you even if you exceed 2000 or even 3000 words. They are interested, they want to know what you have to share.

My answer to “What is the ideal length for a blog post?”

My answer to the question is to write your article, cover all your main points and when you’re done, stop. Don’t waffle to try and reach a certain word count. When you’re done, you’re done. If that’s 350 or 1750 words, so be it.

I would recommend you stay over the magical 300-word mark, though. This is the number of words that Google considers worth ranking. If you stay below 300 words Google might consider your page as “thin content” and not worth ranking as a page. If SEO is one of the main reason for your blogging efforts, this would be very detrimental.

The ideal length for your blog post depends on your audience and your blogging goals. Click To Tweet

The ideal length for a blog post also varies according to your blogging goals. Generally speaking, when it comes to SEO, longer form articles rank better on Google whereas shorter articles do better when it comes to engagement. Find a happy medium that works for you and, more importantly, for your audience.

Over to you

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5 years ago

Dear Isi. As usual, your post is so very useful! I’ve recently moved my blog to my website and was wondering which articles I had better to transfer. Some were long and some were quite short. The thing is that when I’m simply stating a fact or sharing a quote, it’s ok to go short!
Thank you for your expert input!
Love and laughter

Isi Dixon
Isi Dixon
5 years ago
Reply to  Linda

Hi Linda, good question. As long as you delete the posts from the original blog to avoid dual content on the web, length doesn’t matter too much. Ideally stay over 300 words (so that Google ranks your post as a page) but otherwise just move them all. If the odd post is below 300 words, don’t worry too much about it. I suggest moving them one by one, so that your website is showing regular updates, rather than one large update – again, better for SEO. Hope this helps.
Isi x

Barkha Rao
3 years ago

Great content you have here. When I write a blog post, I just focus on three things. Those are – my readers, type of post and the message. There has been a controversy concerning long-form content and short-form content. While some say and prefer to publish short posts of about 500~600 words article, others love publishing 1000~3000 words blog posts. In fact, my article are more of long form, ranging from 1000~3000 words. However, although, long form content performs well on search engine, according to Google, you need to find out what works best for you, short or long. What… Read more »

Isi Dixon
Isi Dixon
3 years ago
Reply to  Barkha Rao

Thank you for your valuable insights. 🙂 I agree with you 100% – it all depends on a variety of factors. To answer your question: my recommendation would be for businesses to write ideally one blog post per week, most businesses don’t manage more than that due to constraints on resources. As an absolute minimum I recommend one per month. If we are talking about professional bloggers, then daily is probably best – blogging is their business, after all.