The importance of professional video for your business

It has become very easy nowadays to add videos to a website or social media feed. With the advance of smart phones, nearly everyone can become their own film producer and create quick clips to use for their own business. Tools like Facebook live encourage us to quickly go online and be spontaneous and produce some off-the-cuff presentation that is meant to encourage the viewers to engage. But is that really the best way to present a professional image, especially when it comes to presenting yourself in the best possible way on your website? Or could there be a case for professional video?

Visitors coming to your website who are greeted with a stilted presentation, that’s poorly lit and has distracting items in the background are probably not going to be too impressed. Add to that poor sound quality and your potential client is more likely to run a mile rather put their trust in your products or services. Their thinking will go along the lines of “if the advert is this bad, how unprofessional is the rest of this company” and they will quickly depart your website.

Investing in a professional, great quality video, on the other hand can drive visitors to sign up for your free offer and wanting to engage with you. What is different?

Professional video can help your business

A trained film producer will prepare you for your video appearance and make sure that you sound confident and convincing and really come across as a professional in your field. Backgrounds will complement your words, maybe even with a green screen technique, where you can show even more about your business. The lighting will be perfect, with no strange shadows cast over your face and the sound quality will be impeccable as top quality equipment is used.

This is the kind of video that can really show off your company and you can simply not produce this type of quality on your smartphone no matter how many megapixels your latest phone camera boasts. Yes, a professional video comes at a certain price, but consider it an investment in your business, rather than an expense. You will find that you have invested wisely as the return will show up quickly through better engagement on your website and improved lead generation.

And once you have created your perfect video, you can also use it in a blog post. Or you can share it to social media and in your company newsletters. This way you can spread your message as wide as possible, and present a polished, professional image.

Over to you

What is your take on today’s topic? Do you need a professional video on your website or can you get away with DIY clips? Let us know in the comments.

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