Key Ingredients for Retweetable Tweets

Twitter is a great social media platform, very vibrant, fast moving and full of people who want to engage. And yes, there are also lots of people hoping that their content will get shared and interacted with, but it has become a bit of an art form to achieve this. So what can you do to get more retweets?

There are two things you need to do. First, create content that people want to share and present it in a certain way; second, be interactive and engaging yourself. In this article we’ll concentrate on the first part, creating engaging content.

Is it interesting?

First up, make sure that your content is of interest for your target audience. This could be because it’s useful, entertaining, inspiring, funny, unexpected or even outrageous – you get to choose what type of content you put out there. But make sure you put yourself in your audience’s shoes – would you engage with this piece of content?

Use 1 – 2 #hashtags

You see some Twitter updates (and thank goodness they seem to get less and less) with #hashtags and nothing else, updates that read like this: #here #is #an #interesting #article #read #it

This might be a slight exaggeration but I’m sure you know what I mean, hashtag overkill. It looks spammy and useless.

Make sure your updates contain at least one, maybe two, but maximum three hashtags and your likelihood of engagement just shot up by 55%.

Add links

A key engagement for your business statistics is click-throughs and you can obviously only get those if you include a link, ideally to your website, but also to other interesting sources of information that you want to share with your followers. And interestingly: people who share more links get more followers.

Add images for more retweets

We all like pictures; it simply makes us take a closer look than if there’s only text to see. And images also boost engagement rates, your tweets are 1 ½ times more likely to be retweeted if they contain a picture.

Stay under 110 characters

Shorter tweets boost engagement rates with tweets between 71 and 100 characters boasting the highest numbers, so keep it short and sweet. Not always easy, but definitely worth the effort.

Use @mentions

Using other people’s Twitter handles (where appropriate) will also increase your engagement. The named person gets a notification that someone mentioned them in a tweet, which makes them likely to retweet to their audience and your tweet just went out to a much larger audience.

You could use this technique to credit others in your tweets for writing an article that you’re sharing, naming the person who’s quote you’re using or talking about a co-operation with someone.

Ask for ReTweets

And finally, a very simple way to improve your retweets is to ask for them. Simply add “Please RT” or “Please retweet” to your tweet and watch your retweets multiply by up to 4 times.

Over to You

Nobody can guarantee you retweets as there’s a huge human element involved and that is the responsiveness of your audience. Make sure you are attracting the right people by being consistent with your message, and follow people who you would like as followers. Chances are that at least a third will follow you back and you are more likely to get more retweets.

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