LinkedIn Articles vs Blogging – which platform should you choose?

LinkedIn is a great networking platform and also very useful to establish yourself as an expert. This is particularly true if yours is a B2B company, i.e. your clients are other businesses. But should you substitute writing LinkedIn articles for writing blog posts on your own website? And if you do both, can you simply write 1 article and publish it on both, LinkedIn and your website? This blog posts endeavours to answer both questions.

Posting LinkedIn articles vs blogging on your own website

Let’s first talk about blogging vs LinkedIn articles. LinkedIn has a well-established article section, called LinkedIn Pulse. Until very recently, every time one of your connections published an article, you received a notification in your newsfeed making publishing articles a really popular way to provide relevant updates to your network. After the most recent update, LinkedIn no longer adds these notifications. You now have to find any articles in your newsfeed, the same as regular updates.

And herein lies the problem. When you publish an article on LinkedIn, you are publishing on someone else’s platform, not your own. LinkedIn decides how it shows your articles, whether it notifies anyone or not, and maybe even whether it scraps the whole idea of a publishing platform altogether.

Posting on your own blog, however, is altogether different. You’re on your own land, your own domain. You can set up automatic sharing to different social media platforms (including LinkedIn) and the site will always be yours. You don’t have to adhere to anyone else’s rules.

You only gain direct SEO benefits and increased traffic if you publish articles on your own website. Click To Tweet

In addition, you only gain SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) benefits and increased traffic if you publish articles or blog posts on your own website. If you post your article anywhere else, you must remember to add a link to your website. And you rely on your ability to write a very strong call to action. But how many people will actually click through?

Can you post your article on both platforms?

So now you might be thinking, “Well, I’ll just do both. I’ll post the article on LinkedIn and on my website. Two places are better than one, and I’ll get the benefits of both, right?”

Wrong, I’m afraid.

If you simply post the same article word for word on both platforms, your website and LinkedIn, you have just created “dual content”. This means, that the same content appears twice on the web and that is a big NO-NO for Google. If Google detects dual content on the web it will penalise the website where the offending content appears last. If it can’t work who came first, Google will penalise both websites. And penalising a website means it doesn’t get ranked, which is something you want to avoid for your business website under any circumstances.

So, if you still want to publish on both, your website as well as LinkedIn, here are two viable options.

  • Number one, rewrite the article slightly and publish a different version to each platform.
  • Number two, publish the full version of your article on your website as a blog post, create a short intro piece to publish on LinkedIn, then add a “read more” link that takes the reader to your website for the rest of the article.

As you can see, there are definitely ways to leverage the power of your LinkedIn network when it comes to blogging and you can still use LinkedIn’s article platform while optimising your website with regular blog articles.

Over to you

What has been your experience with the LinkedIn article platform? Share your experience in the comments.

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Interesting about not cross-posting to LinkedIn. What’s your view on this article –



It’s very interesting to read. because i’m not have a knowledge about linkedIn it’s very helpful to me.


You must also try to read this it also informative and sure that could help you.

Robbin Block

Your article and the comments was just the information I was looking for. Good ideas for how to then publish on LinkedIn. Thanks.

Robbin Block

*were – correction 🙂

Craig Thompson
Craig Thompson

I understand that using external links (such as to a blog post) on LinkedIn causes the algorithm to show it to many fewer people. Is there a case for placing the article on the your blog first (so google can read it) and then transposing it sometime later to LinkedIn?

Sue Ryan

Very valuable information and easy to understand. What you are saying makes a lot of sense. Thank you Isi!

John Williamson

Google is smart enough to know where any given piece of content first shows up, provided they crawl and index it on your site first and you have a canonical tag. Subsequently publishing it verbatim on LinkedIn won’t hurt anything, but I do like the idea of a shortened summary with a Read More link.