How to make your Call to Action stand out

You are starting to get some traffic to your website, at least Google Analytics tells you so. But no-one takes any notice of your call to action to like, share, comment or click through. How come? Could it be that you are just a bit too polite when it comes to asking people to do the next step? And with too polite, I don’t mean that you shouldn’t say please. I mean that you quietly ask your readers to do something, maybe even in the middle of a paragraph, or with a quick sentence at the end.

In most cases, this won’t work. If you want people to engage, especially in the beginning, when your blog is new and you don’t have that many followers yet, you have to make it obvious. And I mean really obvious. A good call to action needs to jump off the page and hit people over the head (not literally, of course, I don’t promote violence here).

Options for your Call to Action to stand out

So, what can you do to make your Call to Action stand out? Here are some options:

  • Use formatting.
    You can even use several different options at once. Make your call to action bigger, bolder, a different colour, font, etc.
  • Create a small graphic.
    Use Canva, PicMonkey or a similar online programme to create a graphic with text that will invite people to share, comment, click to another page, etc. You can re-use these graphics every time you ask to do the same thing; they can become a part of your branding.
  • Put it in a box.
    When you ask your reader to do something put a box around the call to action. It depends on your blogging platform, whether and how you can do this. If in doubt, back to Canva & Co.
  • Have buttons for clicking.
    This could be social share buttons (WordPress has plugins for that), Like buttons (another plugin) or links to your sales page or to your lead magnet (back to Canva again).
  • Create a special paragraph.
    This is what I do. Usually entitled “Over to you”, I ask people to do one thing and one thing only. Don’t confuse your readers by asking them to do several things at once. Chances are, they choose to do nothing.

Over to you

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This is only one of the many strategies I teach when working with my blogging clients.
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